Real vs. Steal – Isabel Marant Bekett Tie Dye Denim Wedge Sneakers

by Irina on December 21, 2012

Who could’ve imagined that Isabel Marant would start a hype that is both so passionately loved and hated such as the wedge sneakers trend? I know I didn’t. But Marant’s “Bekett” shoe has conquered the whole fashion world and you’ll probably have a hard time finding a shoe shop that hasn’t jumped on the wedge sneaker bandwagon. Personally, I think these wedge sneakers can look good with a few outfits on a few body types, but I don’t think I really fit within that category, that’s why I haven’t yet bought a wedge sneaker. Not that I could afford the real Bekkets in the first place. Or would be willing to spend more than $700 on a sneaker shoe.

Isabel Marant Tie Dye Bekett Wedge Sneakers in denim blue

Isabel Marant Bekett Tie Dye Denim Wedge Sneakersls
(Price Unknown, N/A)

Steve Madden “HILITE-C” Denim Wedge Sneakers

If you’re standing on the “pro wedge sneaker” side, just turn to Steve Madden and you can have your own “Bekket”-style velcro sneakers for a budget price of under $100 (sale price!). They don’t look quite as refined as Marant’s “Bekett” sneakers, but the savings are enormous so I wouldn’t complain too much.

Steve Madden "HILITE-C" Denim Wedge Sneakers in light blue (Isabel Marant Bekket knockoffs)

Steve Madden “HILITE-C” Denim Wedge Sneakersls
($99.90, NORDSTROM)

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon, Steve Maddenls & Dillard’sls.

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