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by Irina on March 21, 2010

I know you’re probably a little startled right now. Redesigns always irritate at first. But after 2 years I decided it was finally time for a little visual upgrade to reflect how much has grown over the years. It’s a clean and sophisticated new design with new and improved functionalities and we really hope you’ll like our new look.

I’ve been working on this new design for the past few weeks and think it turned out quite nice. Gone is the endless scrolling and slow page loading. To increase the loading speed we changed the layout of the posts. From now on if you want to see a post in its entireness (e.g. to see the “Steal” alternatives), you will have to click on the “Continue reading“-link. That means more clicking, but the overall loading speed will be highly increased this way and the whole blog will look less cluttered. And that’s a good thing, right?

Some areas might still look a little wonky and unfinished, sorry for that, we’ll be fixing these issues as soon as possible. If the blog looks really weird on your browser or produces errors, let us know by commenting to this post describing your problem with the new layout (don’t forget to mention what browser you’re using).

We know it takes time getting used to changes. In the end we will adjust. After all, it’s still the same content, only with a better design which hopefully results in an overall better user experience. Let us know what you think of our facelift. We appreciate your feedback.

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  • Mel

    I love this much better! I’m not sure why but the old page took much longer to load than most sites I visit. Now it loads quickly!

  • C

    Have to admit that I am not a fan of the new layout at all. Having to click continue to see the whole post is a hassle as I prefer to have everything in one window/tab. Opening new tabs, or clicking back and forth between post and main page takes a hell of a lot longer than the loading used to, which I never found to be that bad. Please change it back!

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