Heel of the Day – Type Z “I Can” Ankle Boots

by Irina on February 18, 2010

I know I’ve told you that I’m a big supporter of colorful shoes and while that may be true, I acknowledge that we all need a basic black shoe collection to get us through all events of life that require the wearing of shoes. Type Z‘s “I Can” ankle boots would be my ideal candidates for the universally stylish black ankle boot. I mentioned yesterday that one of the most important factors for me when buying shoes is the shape of a shoe. I love stiletto heels and sleek silhouettes and these booties have both! The 4 3/4″ stiletto heel will make your legs look a mile long while the hidden 1″ platform helps you to get maximum comfort. L.O.V.E.

Type Z "I Can" Ankle Boots in black

Type Z “I Can” Ankle Bootscj
($80.08, Zappos)

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  • Oh, swoon!

  • Suyen

    I own a pair of those boots and they look amazing on the leg.
    I can’t say they are the most comfortable high heel shoes I’ve ever worn, but they are pretty good for a heel that size.
    The first time I ever worn them I went salsa dancing with them, I know, I know, lol, obviously I don’t recomend it. It’s ok, I always have back up.
    I took them off after two songs and switched to my dance shoes which are ugly as heck compared to this smoking hot booties, but they get the job done and I didn’t want to have sore feet all night. :-/

  • Suyen

    It’s funny how you chose this – Type Z “I Can” Ankle Boots — as Heel of the Day because I have been looking for just the perfect booties for the longest time, and this is exaclty the pair I ended up getting after many long hours of research on tons of shoe websites. They just have the perfect shape.
    I’m into colorful shoes myself, but for some reason this ones just had to be black. 🙂

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