Heel of the Day – Poetic Licence Summer Fling T-Strap Sandals

by Irina on May 22, 2010

Today’s Heel of the Day is breaking my heart… Yes, shoes can indeed break hearts – especially when they’re not available in your size. Know that feeling? Let’s rewind.

I was going to do a HOTD post on another Poetic Licence shoe style when I accidentally stumbled upon the “Summer Fling” – a delicious suede t-strap platform sandal that had my name written all over it. You could tell he felt the same way about me. A little shy maybe, but obviously flirting with me and secretly hoping to end up in my ever growing shoe closet. It was love at first sight!

So I’m not that kind of girl who easily falls for quirky, playful shoes, mind you – I like my shoes tough and edgy – but this one was different; it took my heart by storm. I absolutely adore the orange/blue color combo just as I love the mix of the fabrics and textures used (leather, suede, cork & reptile print). The chunky heel and the sophisticated double platform did the rest. Suddenly all I kept hearing in my head was: “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!“, so I gave in, pulled out my credit card, ready to make my purchase… only to find out they were out of stock in my size. Not willing to let this uncommon love end that way I was ecstatic to find my fling both available on Amazon and Zappos. To my dissappointment I quickly learned that both retailers don’t ship outside the US. Double bummer! Now I can only hope Poetic Licence will restock my new shoe obsession somewhere here in Europe, so we can live happily ever after. Fingers crossed!

Poetic Licence Summer Fling T-Strap Sandals in new orange

Poetic Licence Summer Fling T-Strap Sandalsamazon
($129, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Zapposcj.

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  • Tessa

    you didn’t look very hard… http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002SZXCAK/

  • Tessa, Endless belongs to Amazon, so the shoes you found on Amazon are the same as listed on Endless.

  • Those are really pretty. I like the color you picked out of the other two available.

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