Heel of the Day – Penny Loves Kenny Tetra Pumps

by Irina on May 18, 2011

Oh, how I love bright shoes lately. I really feel like I need to break up all the blacks and neutrals that can be found in my shoe closet with some much needed color. Now I’ve done fairly well lately by going for royal blue and patent red in my shoe choices, but how about upping the ante a little with these color splashing two-tone pumps by Penny Loves Kenny? I love the bright color combos, they slightly remind me of Gucci’s S/S 2011 jewel tone color scheme (the shoe style is a Louboutin knockoff, by the way). They say red/orange and pink don’t match, but really, I think it looks just fab-u-lous here on these pumps. And don’t get me started on the turquoise/mint version… I love each color in its singleness, so how could I not love both of them combined?

Penny Loves Kenny "Tetra" Platform Pumps in turquoise and green and orange and fuchsia

Penny Loves Kenny “Tetra” Platform Pumpsamazon
($89.99, Amazon)

Image source(s): Heels.com

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  • OH. MY. GOSH!!

    I’ve been eyeing the Tetras for months now, with my eye on the pastel lilac/baby blue version. I’ve been holding out now because I want them to go on sale and ooooohhh I’m so glad I did!

    Will definately be picking up one of these bolder, brighter pairs.

  • Adriana

    Love these!!!! Now I’m unsure of which to get?! I think I’m leaning towards the orange pink?!

  • Uhhh, tough choice, Adriana. I’m kind of smitten with both color combos, but if you’re leaning towards orange/pink you should go for that one! Let us know how you like ’em if you decide to get these.

  • Glad you waited, Frost. Though the lilac version is absolutely lovely as well. Let us know which color combo you picked.

  • Adriana

    @ Irina: I received the Orange/Pink today………….. HOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Its a great mixture of hard and soft. Can’t wait to rock them with the most simplistic outfit, just to express the hotness of the shoe!

  • <3 @ Adriana. Great! So glad you're happy with your purchase. I also like the idea to make them the center of attention in an outfit.

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