Heel of the Day – Miss Me Jocelyn-12A Bow Platform Pumps

by Irina on July 22, 2010

So it was only recently that I bought my first pair of 5 inchers. OK, it were 3 first pairs. All of them were pumps and they all had a double platform to support the towering stiletto heel. And boy do I love my new 5 inch heels! I mean they look just breathtaking on. They make my legs go on for like a mile and I instantly feel soooo much sexier when I’m wearing them.

Surprisingly, they’re not as painful as I pictured them to be. In fact, during the first hour I feel next to no heel pain due to the double platform which takes away a lot of the heel height and doesn’t make the arch quite as hurtful. Now don’t be fooled, they’ll still pain the hell out of you eventually after 2-3 hours, but judging by the looks of the boyfriend and other male bystanders, I’d say it’s totally worth it. It does take some time getting used to the fact that you’re hovering on a big ass platform above the ground, but after some practice around the house you should be able to rock 5 inch babies like a pro. Wanna start your first love affair with a super fabulous 5 incher? Take a look at the ones below by Miss Me. Absolutely adorable, aren’t they? Also, super sexy and relatively light on the wallet at $55.95 per pair. Alright, I might just have found my 4th pair now!

Miss Me Jocelyn-12A Bow Platform Pumps

Miss Me Jocelyn-12A Bow Platform Pumpsamazon
($55.95, Amazon)

Image source(s): Amazon

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