Heel of the Day – Luiza Barcelos Qv010 Platform Pumps

by Irina on September 26, 2010

I am always secretly admiring people who are rational shoppers because I am so not one of those people. Whenever I go out shopping for something like new trousers or say, a jacket, I always end up looking at pretty dresses or insanely impractical high heels. I remember how my Mom once took me to a shoe shop when I was like 8 years old and I would refuse trying on any other shoes than those pretty purple patent ballerina bow flats. They were way too fancy for everyday wear and my Mom was doing her best to convince me to settle for a more practical pair, but I kept being stubborn and eventually got my way. My shoe shopping routine hasn’t changed much ever since. Case in point: these disco peep-toe pumps by Luiza Barcelos. Not practical at all and not suitable for wearing on a day-to-day basis, but I couldn’t care less. You can’t control love.

Luiza Barcelos Qv010 Platform Pumps in silver and bronze

Luiza Barcelos Qv010 Platform Pumpsamazon
($268, Amazon)

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  • You’re crazy. If worn in moderation, I don’t see why you couldn’t incorporate them in with your everyday wardrobe. Especially, the gold ones! IDK, perhaps I’m too much of an impractical fashionista that’s willing to try anything once, but those shoes are more practical that some of the “futuristic”, “over the top” one’s I’ve seen on the runways this past month.

  • Ooo, so pretty! Sorta 70’s glam style–which I dig!
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