Heel of the Day – ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Pumps

by Irina on June 2, 2011

In my last Choose My Next Shoes feature the majority of you have chosen a pair of orange wedges for me and while I’m perfectly happy with your choice I am still craving a pair of yellow shoes. Luckily, I’m not soooo crazy about the yellow Zara sandals anymore, but today I stumbled upon these gorgeous suede ASOS pumps and now I’m hooked on the yellow shoes train again! I’m coveting EVERY color actually, but the yellow ones would definitely be my first choice here. What about you? Which ones do you like most?

ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Pumps in yellow, blue, green & grey

ASOS PUMP IT UP Suede Platform Pumpsls
($101.56, ASOS)

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  • TheHabahaba

    Wow! I am in love with green ones, too bad I can’t afford them. Someday I will, someday 🙂

  • I really love the blue ones!

  • I already ordered the yellow ones on Wednesday! Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  • Can’t always wear heels, but absolutely love the colours!!!!

    I’m picking these Kate Spade Flats up this week.
    Like ’em?!

    Tina xx

  • Shoelover

    I like blue color. I would go for some yellow sandal instead of a closed toe pumps.

  • shoedoctor

    I will attest to these ASOS heels being absolutely fabulous. I am a shoe freak and seriously must own over a hundred pair of shoes from cheap to super designer! I bought the ASOS Pump It Up in blue and in green a few months ago because I could not justify spending close to $700/pair for the Yves St Laurent Palais Pump and let me say, you will not be unhappy with these. The quality is superb and the shoe is super comfortable. I spent about 6 hours last Friday in the blue ones paired with a LBD at a dinner event with dancing and my feet did not hurt one bit. I know there are cheaper options closer to $30/40 but those are all manmade materials. Here you get quality and comfort for under $100 and people will definitely notice your shoes! The yellow and grey ones came out after the blue and green ones (which have been seemingly out of stock for quite some time so I am glad I kept both of them….was considering returning the green ones but could not part) – I may have to add them to my wardrobe as well! They only come in whole sizes – I suggest buying whatever size you wear for designers and not lower end shoes (buy larger for the most part – eg I wear 10 in Stuart Weitzman and an 8.5 or 9 in Nine West, so I bought a 10 in these ASOS and they fit like a glove).

  • Malin(Norway)

    You know they come in purplels as well?? Gotta love them!

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