Real vs. Steal – Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses

by Irina on April 24, 2012

Update: This post has been updated on April 24, 2012. Scroll down to see the new add.

Lately, I’ve been craving a pair of cat eye sunglasses like ca-ha-razy and I had very specific expectations about how they should look like. I knew I wanted them in brown tortoise with oversized degradé lenses and the cat eye form shouldn’t be too extreme either. So after checking out the latest sunglass fashion offerings, I’ve decided that this pair of Gucci sunnies was the most perfect pair of sunglasses I have ever seen in my life! Well, perfect in every way except for one thing, of course. The price. $270? Whoa, big bummer here!

Gucci GG 3162/S 0M3/02 Cat Eye Sunglasses in havana brown

Gucci 3162/S Cat Eye Sunglassesamazon
($269.99, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at FramesDirectcj, Bloomingdale’s & Sunglasses Shop.

Alloy “Ivy” Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Update (04/24/2012): Came across another budget-friendly steal alternative which is available at Alloy. Not too thrilled about the rhinestones, but luckily they’re barely noticeable.

Alloy "Ivy" Cat-Eye Sunglasses in tortoise (Gucci 3162 knockoffs)

Alloy “Ivy” Cat-Eye Sunglassesls
($10.90, Alloy)

Kate Spade “Shawna” Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a great pair of sunnies in the style of the Gucci version above, but don’t want to spend more than $150+, how about these lovely shades by Kate Spade instead? They’re very similar to the Gucci sunglasses, but cost only $123.75.

Kate Spade "Shawna" Cat Eye Sunglasses in brown tortoise (Gucci knockoffs)

Kate Spade “Shawna” Cat Eye Sunglassescj
($123.75, FramesDirect)

Sunglass Warehouse SW Cat Eye Style #1363

I know these cat eye sunnies by Sunglass Warehouse are no perfect match, but they’ll give you the same look as all the key elements are there (Cat Eye? Check! Tortoise? Check. Brown Gradient Lenses? Check!). Only these cost less than 10% than their big original Gucci sister. Can’t argue that price! Available in 4 colors.

Sunglass Warehouse SW Cat Eye Style #1363 in brown tortoise (Gucci knockoffs)

Sunglass Warehouse SW Cat Eye Style #1363
($13.56, Sunglass Warehouse)

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  • Love the cat-eye glasses- totally agree that spending $220 on an accessory (that you might wear for just a little while) is a bit much…!!!
    I like these ones: They are a little darker with a bit more detail on the side… not AS cheap as I’d like, but still quality sunnies!
    Tina xx

  • Katharine

    I Love that style too. I actually am an optician in a store in Manhattan Beach, CA. We are able to order that Gucci at $225 and are offering 20% off when you mention Yelp (and no tax cuz we just plain don’t charge any!) which brings that cost down to $180 flat. That’s of course if you like having the real deal 🙂

    But yes, I can see how spending that much on sunglasses isn’t always justifiable.

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