Real vs. Steal – Givenchy Studded Wedge Boots

by Velicia on January 21, 2011

Hey stud, where ya been all my life? All black and shiny… what? What do you mean you’re sold out? Really? Wow, even at $995, those rich chicks snatched you up like you we’re only $9.95! Oh well, just when I found you, I lost you… Givenchy, say it ain’t so!

Givenchy Studded Wedge Boots in black

Givenchy Studded Wedge Boots
($995, SOLD OUT)

City Snappers 781-18 Studded Wedges

Oh snap! Just when I was lost, now I’m found – City Snappers to the rescue! These babies may not have the pretty pewter spikes, but I can deal with the gold nailheads; considering they’re only $39.98! Feel the love, ladies, in either black or brown and take this stud out on the town! 🙂

City Snappers 781-18 Studded Wedges in black (Givenchy knockoffs)

City Snappers 781-18 Studded Wedges
($39.98, LoveMyShoes)

P.S.: Also available at ModClothcj.

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