Real vs. Steal – Givenchy Open Toe Zip Front High Heel Booties

by Vahni on February 7, 2010

What was the best fashion development of 2009? Undeniably, it was the bootie (or shootie, as Rachel Zoe has been known to call some of them). Last year, the bootie reached the pinnacle of its existence; it was rehashed and produced in an astonishing array of heights, styles, colors, and manifestations. The versatility of the bootie is partially why they spread like wild fire, popping up on celebrities in cutoffs and leggings—and in their most modern context, worn with a mini dress or skirt, as Natalia Vodianova did so sensationally in the photos below. How could she possibly have gone wrong with Givenchy Open Toe Zip Front booties that are oh-so-right (and also sold out)? They’re absolute winners. And it doesn’t matter that they’re no longer available—we’ve found some lovely stand-ins that will fit the bill, for a fraction of the cost.

Givenchy Open Toe Zip Front High Heel Booties in black

Givenchy Open Toe Zip Front High Heel Bootiescj
($1.430, Forward by Elyse Walker)

Natalia Vodianova Loves Givenchy

Natalia Vodianova wearing black Givenchy Open Toe Zip Front High Heel Booties

Wet Seal Western Booties

UPDATE (02/07/2010): Reader Sheryl informed us about these Givenchy inspired booties available at Wet Seal. Thanks!

Wet Seal Western Open-toe Booties in black (Givenchy knockoffs)

Wet Seal Western Bootiesls
($36.50, Wet Seal)

Romantic Soles “Brielle” Peep-toe Booties

The “Brielle” leather bootie by Romantic Soles echoes the feeling of Givenchy’s bootie with a ring-topped, zip front that makes them easy-to-wear.

Romantic Soles "Brielle" Peep-toe Booties in black (Givenchy knockoffs)

Romantic Soles “Brielle” Peep-toe Bootiescj
($90.90, Zappos)

Charlotte Russe Peep-toe Booties

For $39.99, this Charlotte Russe bootie has details that are very similar to the Givenchy bootie. Sure, they’re faux leather, but style-wise, this great looking pair is likely to trick more than a few people into thinking you spent some serious change on them.

Charlotte Russe Peep-toe Booties in black (Gucci Kills knockoffs)

Charlotte Russe Peep-toe Booties
($39.99, Charlotte Russe)

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