Real vs. Steal – Givenchy Fall 2008 Gladiator Wedges

by Vanessa on June 13, 2010

At first glance, I hear bratty little Veruca’s voice in my head: “Daddy, I want the Golden Ticket!“. Though Willy Wonka wasn’t shelling out shoes, if he was, these would be them! 2 years ago Givenchy debuted these metallic gladiator wedges. That was long before the wedge craze of 2010, so fashion-forward would be putting it mildly. Though we don’t know the exact price, it’s safe to say you would have needed plenty of Gobstoppers (Wonka speak for wads of cash) to walk away with them.

Givenchy Fall 2008 Gladiator Wedges in gold

Givenchy Fall 2008 Gladiator Wedgesls
(Price Unknown, N/A)

Michael Antonio “Hail” Wedges

There’s something tricky about metallics. A slightly off fabric or color can make a gorgeous design look cheap and plasticy. So you can imagine my fear when I first heard about this alternative. Now I don’t say this often, so listen up. The steal looks far better than the real. Michael Antonio has created a sturdy looking pair of shoes in a gold that doesn’t make me cringe. Not even close to cringing. In fact, at a price like this, I’d say we have the golden ticket! – Sorry Veruca. Available in gold, black & silver.

Michael Antonio "Hail" Wedges in gold (Givenchy Fall 2008 knockoffs)

Michael Antonio “Hail” Wedgesamazon
($63.60, Amazon)

Image source(s): Style, Amazon

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