Real vs. Steal – Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties

by Velicia on May 1, 2011

I have to admit, I sing in the shower. I sing in my car. I even sing and dance (yes, I can bust a few moves) in front of the mirror. That’s right, I’m a closet wannabe rocker chick! Wow, to be able to sing and move a crowd must be a fantastic feeling! But since I’ve never earned a dollar or hell, one peso by singing, I will settle for dressing like a rocker chick. And where are my earplugs? Because these Giuseppe Zanotti ridiculously embellished, rhinestones-on-steroids booties are practically screaming in my ear – BUY ME! Um, not so much. Unless you really do make your living entertaining hundreds of thousands in sold-out arenas, then $1.630 for a pair of shoes is a drop in the bucket. But for the rest of us “wannabes”, boy, do I have a surprise for you… go on, keep singing, I mean, reading.

Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties in black

Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties
($1.630, SOLD OUT)

Celebrities Love Giuseppe Zanotti

Ciara, Beyoncé Knowles & Cassie wearing black Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties

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Riplay Succi-01 Rhinestone Booties

HOT DEAL: Use coupon code “INTHEIRCLOSET” to get 10% OFF your order!

Let’s take it to the bridge… ooh la la! Rock on Riplay – dude, this is good stuff! I may sing off-key, but these booties hit all the right notes. They aren’t as gluttonous with the rhinestones as the Zanottis and yet there’s still a bunch of bling but for a lot less money – only $74.95 (actually $67.46 after you use our exclusive coupon code above)! So girls, put down Guitar Hero and go be a heel hero instead. Get yourself a hot LBD like Beyoncé and rock it like a diva!

Riplay Succi-01 Rhinestone Booties in black (Giuseppe Zanotti Kama knockoffs)

Riplay Succi-01 Rhinestone Booties
($74.95, Ms. Heel)

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  • Emily

    so very similar to the second ones, but a tad higher on the calf and therefor more jewels!

  • These are the same booties, Emily. Also sold out at this shop.

  • Ellie

    Irina, they are different, the platform is thicker, and the beading is arranged differently.. 🙂

  • Ellie

    in comparison to the two above, not the linked ones..

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