In Fergie’s Closet – Fergie Barter Platform Sandals

by Irina on March 15, 2011

When a celebrity lends her/his name to a low priced fashion collaboration you’ll usually have a hard time catching them wearing the stuff after the launch of the line (Paris Hilton and her shoe line, anyone?). Fergie however shows us that she does in fact approve of the products from her shoe brand namesake “Fergie” by continously wearing some of the designs out in public. Her latest obsession seem to be the “Barter” mesh platform heel which is very much in line with Fergie’s Rock’n’Roll signature style. Best thing about those rocker heels? They’re pretty light on the budget with a price tag of only $109.95!

Fergie wearing black Fergie "Barter" Platform Sandals

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Fergie “Barter” Platform Sandals

Fergie "Barter" Platform Sandals in black

Fergie “Barter” Platform Sandalsamazon
($109.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoes.comls & FergieShoes.comls.

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  • on.dree.uh

    Love these & wish my discount code from Endless was still valid…but her toes are hanging over in the last 2 pics.

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