Real vs. Steal – Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt

by Erica on September 11, 2013

UPDATE: This post has been updated on September 11, 2013. Scroll down to see the new add.

There’s something really fun about this household heather grey sweatshirt by Elizabeth and James gone glam. Yes, I realize it’s essentially a sweatshirt but look at it! I love it with a pair of fitted jeans, however I wouldn’t necessarily pair it with your old chucks that have been rotting in the back of your closet. Pair it with a nice pair of black pumps to bring out more of a glam look rather than a slouchy “I haven’t had my first cup of coffee“-look that Dakota Fanning is sporting. So, if $445 is a bit steep for you we have another great solution!

Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt in grey and silver

Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirtls
($445, Neiman Marcus)

Celebrities Love Elizabeth and James

Miley Cyrus & Dakota Fanning wearing a grey and silver Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt

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Choies Sweatshirt With Sequin Front

UPDATE (11/06/2012): Found another sequined sweater at Choies for under $50!

Choies Sweatshirt With Sequin Front in grey (Elizabeth and James knockoff)

Choies Sweatshirt With Sequin Front
($46.79, Choies)

Funktional Weiland Sheer Back Sweater

UPDATE (11/06/2012): Just discovered another great look for less option! I really love these sequin sweaters by Funktional which have a sheer back.

Funktional Weiland Sheer Back Sweater (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Funktional Weiland Sheer Back Sweatercj
($86, Shopbop)

Wallis Sequin Panel Jumper

UPDATE (08/02/2012): Found yet another great E&J sequin sweater look-a-like over at Wallis. It’s available in both grey and stone.

Wallis Sequin Panel Jumper in grey (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Wallis Sequin Panel Jumperls
($61, Wallis US)

MANGO Sequins Wool Jumper

UPDATE (07/25/2012): And here’s another fabulous sequin sweater alternative from MANGO. Available in grey and black.

MANGO Sequins Wool Jumper in black (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

MANGO Sequins Wool Jumperamazon
($79.99, MANGO)

Also available at MANGO (UK)ls for £34.99.

Warehouse Sequin Front Sweater

UPDATE (02/25/2012): Found another similar Elizabeth & James alternative. This Warehouse sequin sweater is affordable and looks great. Could one ask for more?

Warehouse Sequin Front Sweater in grey (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Warehouse Sequin Front Sweaterls
($89, Warehouse)

EXPRESS Sequin Raglan Sweatshirt

UPDATE (11/16/2011): Reader Aya kindly informed us about yet another fantastic E&J alternative available at EXPRESS. Bonus? They’re currently doing a “Buy 1 Top, Get 1 Top 50% OFF”-promo. Yay for that! :-)

EXPRESS Sequin Raglan Sweatshirt in silver grey (Elizabeth and James knockoff)

EXPRESS Sequin Raglan Sweatshirtcj
($59.90, EXPRESS)

Theme Sequin Sweater

UPDATE (11/14/2011): Ten months after posting the first steal, I’ve came across another great E&J sequin sweater look-a-like by Theme. Although significantly darker than the original I think it’s still a great alternative and a lot cheaper, too!

Theme Sequin Sweater in grey (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Theme Sequin Sweatercj
($69, Piperlime)

Ella Moss “Majesty” Sequin Sweatshirt Top

I think the Ella Moss version for less than $100 fits the bill! It’s almost exactly the same look besides a little bit of difference in sleeve length and it comes in grey or black. I would have to say this Ella Moss sequined sweatshirt is superb in following the look and not hurting our wallets.

Ella Moss "Majesty" Sequin Sweatshirt Top in grey and silver (Elizabeth and James knockoff)

Ella Moss “Majesty” Sequin Sweatshirt Topls
($98, Ella Moss)

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  • Kim

    What an adorable sweatshirt! I love the Elizabeth and James version but the “steal” is cute too. Your idea to pair it with pumps really elevates it. And um, what the heck is Miley wearing? LOL

  • ImSoHollywood

    It’s not often where most of the steals look just as good as the “real!” I love it!

  • Dirty Diana

    I actually saw the same design at Target! They have some on clearance for like 12 dollars and more holiday sequins for about 30 dollars! I checked today so check your local Target.

    Check out my blog it would make my day!

    Love, Diana

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