Real vs. Steal – DSQUARED² LisaBeth Spiked Platform Heels

by Irina on June 2, 2011

Today I received a request from Kay-Marie who requested us to find a more affordable version of the sky-high DSQUARED² LisaBeth” spiked platform pumps which Monica wore on the George Lopez show recently:


Monica, the R&B singer, was wearing these gorgeous sandals while performing on the George Lopez show. They are called LisaBeth but they are expensive. Can you find any shoes similar to these?

Thank you.

DSQUARED² LisaBeth Spiked Platform Heels in black & clear

DSQUARED² LisaBeth Spiked Platform Heels
($1.118, DSQUARED²)

Monica Loves DSQUARED²

You can see Monica rocking these borderline fetish heels in the video below. She also tweeted a pic of the shoes. It must have been quite to hard to walk in the 6.2″ platforms. But she definitely rocked them well!

Shiekh “LLV” Spiked Platform Pumps

UPDATE (06/02/2011): One of our readers informed us about these fab DSQUARED² look-a-likes by Shiekh. They miss the ankle strap, but the rest is spot-on. Available in black or gold.

Shiekh "LLV" Spiked Platform Pumps in clear/black DSQUARED² LisaBeth knockoffs

Shiekh “LLV” Spiked Platform Pumpscj
($49.99, Shiekh)

Enigma HH101 Clear Vinyl Pumps

A few weeks ago I came across these studded clear vinyl pumps by Enigma and my knockoff instinct rang out loud immediately, but I couldn’t put my finger on the original designer, so I quickly forgot about them. When Kay-Marie emailed me the pic of the DSQUARED² heels the Enigma pumps instantly popped up back in my head. You can clearly see the inspiration behind these even though they are not quite as high, have a rounder shape and gold flat studs instead of silver spikes. Overall still eerily similar, aren’t they? Available with black or white trimming.

Enigma HH101 Clear Vinyl Pumps in black (Dsquared² LisaBeth knockoffs)

Enigma HH101 Clear Vinyl Pumpsamazon
($79.95, Amazon)

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  • Yikes! Those are scary looking.

  • @Taylor: Yup, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I kinda like ’em. But only to see on stage or on the runway. Not meant for running errands in everyday life. LOL! 🙂

  • Lourdes

    I think I like the knock off version better. They look more doable and not as exaggerated as the original.

  • Anonymous

    There is a much better knockoff sold at Shiek Shoes. Just bought them yesterday and they are fab!

  • yusufswifee

    shiek shoes will be my birthday shoe stop…

  • Lucifin

    Shiekh spikes are a little too pointy if you ask me. The spikes on D2 doesn’t look like um… it would hurt as much? Otherwise, I would be all over the shiekh ones. Please keep on looking… I actually like the fact the shiekh ones don’t have the strappy thing. It’s hard to put on and off shoes with straps, not to mention the friction they cause…

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