Dress of the Day – ModCloth Soda Fountain Dress

by Irina on August 7, 2010

Looking at all the popular style blogs nowadays makes me realize that a lot of them lack color and feminity which I find rather sad because I value both in terms of how I define my own style. What happened to flirty dresses in vibrant, fun colors? I’m not talking going all vintage vixen, but it seems a lot of girls aim for the “cool laid-back”-style by opting for baggy, oversized clothing in something between gray to black. I might have no right to critize other people’s personal taste, but c’mon mix things up a little! I don’t want get a depression from checking your blog. Apropos, can you imagine getting depressed by these feminine ModCloth dresses? I don’t think so. Just looking at them makes me happy. And they come in all those pretty, vibrant colors (including your standard boring black). I want!

ModCloth Soda Fountain Dress

ModCloth Soda Fountain Dress
($44.99, ModCloth)

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  • jessie mooloola

    eww. sorry, they don’t do it for me!.
    the colour’s aren’t bad and all.
    But the overall style of the dress…lacks really everything.
    It looks like my gradma’s fabric made to look like a dress.
    not rly diggin’.

  • OMG Irina, I am so with you. I am old school (a young 62), when I was a young woman out and about socializing on the weekend, we took pleasure in getting glammed up to go out, i.e., hair, full face of makeup, cocktail dresses, high heels, the whole 9.

    I was out at a neighborhood pub last night for a cocktail, a favorite hangout for the middle to late 20, and 30 somethings, with a sprinkle of 40, 50 and 60 year olds. I sat their in awe watching young women casually dressed on a Saturday night no less in flip flops, even those obviously on a date.

    I am a relationship and image consultant for single women (msedna.com), and I am constantly told by single women that going out never produces any possible candidates for a boyfriend. After last night I can see why, they look and act boring, and pay absolutely no attention to the men in the room . No effort whatsoever has been put into standing out in a crowd and working the room to draw attention to themselves. Along with makeup on their faces, big, pretty and friendly smiles were absent. I didn’t see not one woman who was appropriately dressed for the occasion in my opinion and with the exception of a few, all were wearing flip flops. I couldn’t believe it.

    I woke up this morning to do a post about it for Monday, and low an behold there is your post on basically the same story line (I am a follower). Great minds think alike.

  • SuzieQ

    Yes. I love the look. I can drool over 50s, 40s inspired dresses. There’s just something glamorous about those looks! Sure, it does look plain just by looking at it, but they are fabulous when you put them on. Have you seen Anthropologie lately? You can tell where they get there ideas from–no, not from t.v.! Okay, maybe, but you can see those wonderful styles in old-school movies.

    I’m actually going to sew a few of those styles (yeah, it’ll take me forever, but it beats paying $$$.) 🙂

    Oh, the hubby loves those 50s/vintage looks. He says it brings out the June Cleaver in me. lol Not to mention, get lots o’ compliments. Love it!

    Hi, Ms. Edna, I think you might have something there about women not dressing up as much anymore. I always feel overdressed when we go to dinner (I usually wear a dress.) Perhaps it’s a California thing out here? IDK…

    Hey, I love this stuff Irina! I check out your blog almost everyday ! 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Leah

    I fell in love with a similar style dress in a reddish-orange color from Anthropologie last fall. It’s Moulinette Souers Reed Shirtdress:
    Whenever I wear it out casually, I always get compliments! Dress it up with a fun belt and heels, and it’s an instant attention grabber! I’m all for the shirt dresses!

  • “I don’t want get a depression from checking your blog.”

    Hahaha! Love.

  • Jessica

    I own this in both “Cola” and “Ice.” So let me just say if you really want one I totally encourage you to get one! They are so comfy and feminie and much cuter in person. I get TONS of compliments on both every time I wear them. Unfortunately the “Ice” is recently no longer available but there is a “Papaya” on sale right now for about $30. If I could I’d buy this dress in every color, just saying 😉

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