Dress of the Day – ASOS Metallic Wrap Dress

by Irina on September 21, 2011

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Sigh! 2 ASOS orders in one day! Even for an ASOS fanatic like me this is a first! When I made my first order earlier today because of the current 20% OFF promo I was heavily debating whether to buy this metallic wrap dress or not; though at that time it was only available in copper and I wasn’t too fond of the color. Then a few hours later this beautiful cobalt blue version popped up on the website and it was love at first sight! So I decided to order a second time today as long as the promo code was still working. And that’s the story of how and why I ordered at ASOS twice a day! 😉

ASOS Metallic Wrap Dress in cobalt blue

ASOS Metallic Wrap Dressls
($82.33, ASOS)

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