Deal of the Day – Get A VIP Gift Bag from JewelMint!

by Irina on February 24, 2012

As someone who has a history of trying to foray into the world of acting, watching the Academy Awards is one of my favorite events of the whole year. I know many people find award shows to be somewhat of a snoozefest, but for me it’s a very emotional thing. That’s why I really like the idea of JewelMint offering their members a special VIP Gift Bag now that the Oscars are just around the corner. Get at least 2 best-selling JewelMint pieces and possibly products from the other sister clubs such as StyleMint, BeautyMint or ShoeMint as well. One VIP Gift Bag buyer will be even lucky enough to find a $5,000 diamond bracelet in her/his bag. Love that!

Get A VIP Gift Bag from JewelMint!

Get A VIP Gift Bag from JewelMint!cj

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