Copycat Math – Dolce & Gabbana + Dolce & Gabbana = Chinese Laundry

by Irina on July 13, 2017

I’m absolutely loving our newest edition of Copycat Math because it combines two of my favorite things in fashion: espadrilles and Dolce & Gabbana. Espadrilles have seriously become my new go-to shoes to wear in the summer months; they’re super comfortable (also breathable) and there’s something so effortless chic about the jute sole, the rough side stitches and the canvas fabric. And do I really still have to explain why I’m such a Dolce & Gabbana fangirl? The designer duo’s creations are the epitome of Italian elegance and opulence! I’ve been loving every single one of their collections in the last few years and feel like this isn’t going to end anytime soon. So the first time I saw that Dolce & Gabbana came out with a range of gorgeously embellished espadrilles in their iconic summer prints, I was instantly obsessed! Until I saw the price tags on these and my fashion heart crumbled! Luckily, a few days ago I discovered a set of espadrilles by Chinese Laundry which look so much like the Italian real deal, but cost only a fraction of the originals: $79.95! How awesome is that? Total steal deal alert! Now the only question is: which print should I get? Nah, just kidding, I’ll take them all!

Copycat Math - Dolce & Gabbana + Dolce & Gabbana = Chinese Laundry "Hayden" Embellished Summer Print Espadrilles

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Image source(s): Farfetch, Yoox, The Outnet, Chinese Laundry

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