Copycat Math – Chloé + Chloé = Faith, Forever 21 & Vince Camuto

by Irina on March 24, 2016

Right now you can’t go to a fashion blog or open a fashion magazine without stumbling upon a Chloé bag: Drew, Faye, Hudson, Georgia. They are everywhere! And everybody – high fashion or not – seems to love the new Chloé bags. We have already featured steal versions of the Faye and Drew and today want to show you a couple more Chloé inspired budget options. Do you like them?

Copycat Math - Chloé Hudson + Chloé Marcie = Faith, Forever 21 & Vince Camuto Izzi Whipstitch Suede Tassel Bag

Go Shopping:

  1. Chloé “Hudson” Small Whipstitched Suede Shoulder Bagls, $2.090
  2. Chloé “Marcie” Medium Leather Crossbody Bagls, $1.395
  3. Faith Whipstitch Tassle Saddle Bag, $50
  4. Forever 21 Studded Faux Leather Crossbody Bag, $27.90
  5. Vince Camuto “Izzi” Tassel Flap Bagamazon, $248

Image source(s): Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, ASOS, Forever 21, Vince Camuto

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