Real vs. Steal – Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle Patent Leather & Cork Platform Sandals

by Irina on January 31, 2015

Update: This post has been updated on January 31, 2015. Scroll down to see the new add.

Last week we showed you the gorgeous turquoise suede version of Christian Louboutin‘s “Super Domblasle” cork platforms and today we’re highlighting the quite as lustworthy shiny patent version. I’m still torn on the extreme platform, but all in all I do love the design. The price? Not so much.

Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle Patent Leather & Cork Platform Sandals in black

Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle Cork Platform Sandalsls
($595, Neiman Marcus)

Wild Diva Elfi-10 Faux Cork Platform Wedges

Update (01/31/2015): Found another cute and budget-friendly Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle dupe by Wild Diva. Available in black, white and nude faux leather.

Wild Diva Elfi-10 Faux Cork Platform Wedges in black (Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle knockoffs)

Wild Diva Elfi-10 Faux Cork Platform Wedgesamazon
($28.90, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at GoJane, Sears, eBayeBay & Overstock.

Topshop “LOOKER” Cork Platform Sandals

Update (05/10/2014): Accidentally stumbled upon these cork platforms at Topshop and instantly had to think of the Louboutin cork heels above. Available in black, white, red, yellow and black patent for $90!

Topshop "LOOKER" Cork Platform Sandals in black (Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle knockoffs)

Topshop “LOOKER” Cork Platform Sandalsls
($90, Topshop)

Express Cork Platform Sandals

Update (01/05/2013): And here we go again with yet another CL Super Dombasle loo-a-like. This one is by Express and costs $61.60!

Express Cork Platform Sandals in black faux suede (Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle knockoffs)

Express Cork Platform Sandals
($61.60, Express)

Nine West “Troischic” Wedge Sandals

Update (02/15/2012): Came across another great and affordable Louboutin alternative. These wedges by Nine West do have a few differences, but overall they still share the same style. While I like the black version I’m even more in love with the brighter options like orange and yellow.

Nine West "Troischic" Wedge Sandals in black (Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle knockoffs)

Nine West “Troischic” Wedge Sandalsamazon
($39.97, Amazon)

Guess Tunsa “Cork” Platform Wedges

Update (07/25/2011): Here’s an almost identical version of CL’s “Super Dombasles” by Guess. And did I mention they’re on sale? Score! Available in black, white or nude patent.

GUESS Tunsa "Cork" Platform Wedges in black patent (Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle knockoffs)

Guess “Tunsa” Cork Platform Wedgespjx
($63, Guess)

bebe “Leah” Cork Wedge Sandals

Even though bebe is known for their sky-high heels, in the case of copying the “Super Dombasle” they weren’t quite brave enough to go all the way and copy the 3 inch platform as well. Instead they reduced it by 50% and put a silly flower on the ankle strap; probably to distract from the fact that otherwise it’s pretty much an identical twin of the CL version. But yes, the flower is detachable. Thank God!

bebe "Leah" Cork Wedge Sandals in white, black and pink patent (Christian Louboutin Super Dombasle knockoffs)

bebe “Leah” Cork Wedge Sandals
($129, bebe)

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  • Mona L

    I despise the Bebe version they really let me down. They usually have great copies!! This one.. not so much! 🙁

  • My Response

    why are chunky heels back in style? 😐

  • rawshan

    seriously don’t compare louboutin to bebe ,for 300 dollars more id rather save and buy the louboutins,bebe just looks cheap .

  • There is not a substitute for real Loub’s! They are the best, bar none. I’m picking up a pair of platform wedge sandals by Christian Louboutin this week that I have been saving for! check them out:, different style than the cork but still FAB!!

  • yusufswifee

    These are so cute…shoedazzle has a style like it as well.

  • K

    I bought the BEBE ones hoping to get the Loub look. Fail!! They were awfully painful and didn’t look right. I want those Loubs soooo bad!!!!

  • Oh noes! Sorry to hear that, K. You might want to try the GUESS Loubie look-a-likes?

  • Cara

    Just ordered the Guess wedges… would like to buy the Loubs but I’m a broke college student lol Maybe it’s for the better since the Guess ones aren’t as tall seeing that I’m 5’11” thanks for the info 🙁

  • Mari

    i purchased the guess corks and love them. they look great and very comfy. they are a little tight in the toe area so if you’re wider in that area really consider or else you’ll be hurting. thanks again for posting such a great find!

  • Marie Martell

    Love the CL’s but the bebes are very cute!

  • Anna

    Remind me of something I saw at a Forever 21 the other day. I guess someone will like them…

  • Sonja
  • Amira A

    Me no like. No… just… no.

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