Real vs. Steal – Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flats

by Irina on May 5, 2016

So it’s been a while since we last had Monsieur Christian Louboutin starring in one of our Real vs. Steal posts and we also haven’t covered flats in a while, so why not kill two birds with one stone by showing you a pretty neat dupe for these gorgeous spikey Louboutins? Now aren’t they beautiful? The pointy ballerina shape is all elegance and femininity while the silver spikes clearly say: “You better not be messin’ with me, b***!” Too bad their $995 price tag says: “Girl, you better have some money on ya ’cause we ain’t cheap!”

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flats in black and silver

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flatsls
($995, Net-A-Porter)

ASOS “Lightning” Studded Ballet Flats

Luckily, we managed to come across these wonderful Louboutin look-alikes at ASOS which are a spot-on Pigalle flat dupe when compared to the real deal, but cost a mere $48 (this is less than 5% of the Louboutin’s price!). A few sizes are already out of stock, so you better grab these quick if you find yourself lusting after some spikey Louboutin on a budget.

ASOS "Lightning" Studded Ballet Flats in black and silver (Christian Louboutin Pigalle knockoffs)

ASOS “Lightning” Studded Ballet Flats
($48, ASOS)

Image source(s): Net-A-Porter, ASOS

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