Real vs. Steal – Christian Louboutin Bibi Suede Platform Pumps

by Irina on September 20, 2014

Update: This post has been updated on September 20, 2014. Scroll down to see the new add.

Christian Louboutin‘s “Bibi” pump is one of my favorite Loubies from the classic shoe styles department. I looooove the high arch and also that it has this straight column-like chunky heel; I just dig that on shoes, not sure why, but I love this (plus, it makes a high heel that much more stable/comfortable because the weight doesn’t pressure on a pinpoint-sized stiletto heel). That makes yet another addition to my never ending list of shoe obsessions.

Christian Louboutin Bibi Platform Pumps in black and teal

Christian Louboutin Bibi Platform Pumpsls
($795, Saks)

P.S.: Also available in tartan print at NET-A-PORTERls.

Celebrities Love Christian Louboutin

Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad, Brooklyn Decker, Blake Lively, Isla Fisher and Khloe Kardashian wearing Christian Louboutin Bibi Platform Pumps

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ALDO “Passarello” Suede Platform Pumps

UPDATE (09/20/2014): Stumbled upon these suede platform pumps at ALDO today and the instantly reminded me of Louboutin’s “Bibi” heels above. Also available in other colors and uppers.

ALDO "Passarello" Suede Platform Pumps in red (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

ALDO “Passarello” Suede Platform Pumpsls
($100, ALDO)

P.S.: Also available at ALDO (Canada)ls & ALDO (UK).

Topshop “SWAGGER” Platform Court Shoes

UPDATE (10/15/2011): Just stumbled upon another great Louboutin alternative by Topshop. Available in those both suede colors as well as an array of other different colors and finishes.

Topshop "SWAGGER" Platform Court Shoes in purple and teal suede (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

Topshop “SWAGGER” Platform Court Shoesls
($124, Topshop)

Madden Girl “Mellony” Platform Pumps

UPDATE (10/15/2011): And here’s another very budget-friendly Bibi look-a-like coming from Madden Girl. Faux suede but the price point is also kept under $30.

Madden Girl "Mellony" Platform Pumps in black faux suede (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

Madden Girl “Mellony” Platform Pumpsamazon
($26.99, Amazon)

BCBGeneration “Jodie” Platform Pumps

UPDATE (08/19/2011): Look at this fantastic CL Bibi alternative by BCBGeneration. So close to the originals!

BCBGeneration "Jodie" Platform Pumps in black and nude suede (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

BCBGeneration “Jodie” Platform Pumpsamazon
($79.99, Amazon)

ALDO “Lewi” Platform Pumps

UPDATE (08/19/2011): And here’s another budget-friendly Bibi look-a-like by ALDO. Love the red suede version!

ALDO "Lewi" Platform Pumps in black & red suede (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

ALDO “Lewi” Platform Pumpsls
($44.98, ALDO)

Luichiny “Lights Out” Platform Pumps

UPDATE (08/19/2011): Came across another fabulous yet budget-friendly Bibi look-a-like by Luichiny. Available in an array of colors.

Luichiny "Lights Out" Platform Pumps in purple and blue suede (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

Luichiny “Lights Out” Platform Pumpsls
($48.97, Shoebuy)

Steve Madden “BEASST” Suede Platform Pumps

UPDATE (05/24/2011): Now this is more like it! Check out Steve Madden‘s interpretation of CL’s “Bibi”; more on point and way cheaper, too. Yay!

Steve Madden "BEASST" Suede Platform Pumps in black and teal (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

Steve Madden “BEASST” Suede Platform Pumpscj

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon & Shoes.comls.

Rough Justice “Kara” Platform Pumps

Rough Justice is a pretty new footwear brand and for their first collection they have decided to take some inspiration from the master of the red soled heels because these “Kara” platforms are obvious “Bibi” wannabes. Tood bad they’ve messed up the arch, otherwise it would’ve been a super great Louboutin alternative. The pumps are available in black, turquoise, fuchsia, rust & stone suede.

Rough Justice "Kara" Platform Pumps in black and turquoise suede (Christian Louboutin Bibi knockoffs)

Rough Justice “Kara” Platform Pumpsamazon
($52.90, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Heels.comcj.

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  • Uh Cuteness!!! I love the cheaper version! You can barely tell!

  • i feel like the Steal options often miss that subtle “something” that makes the Real shoe special. it’s not just about color or materials…especially when copying Loubs…it’s about an elegance and sexiness that replicas sometimes just can’t seem to get right–as you mentioned here with the arch–and while they look similar, they don’t give off that vibe of superior footwear. haha. i guess i take my shoes a little too seriously! but it’s true nonetheless!

  • I like my Bibi’s but I think this is one time I wouldn’t mind the knockoff as I’m not totally in love with them

  • Summer I agree, but sometimes you can just tell those sort of things if you are really into shoes!

  • I hear Summer’s point. The arch is way off. The Steve Madden’s are a better “steal” version at less than half the price of the Rough Justice’s. That said – who wouldn’t like to say that their feet deliver rough justice?

  • Ahhhh. Love it.
    I’m definitely a shoe girl… But I can’t afford new “Loubs” full price yet.. so until then, its the ‘steal’ version of off ShopMy.
    Here’s to getting there one day!
    Tina xx

  • Emily
  • Sherry

    I’d love to see a “steal” of Brooklyn Decker’s dress. Love it.

  • yusufswifee

    words can not explain how happy I am that the thicker heels are back in…I love all the steal versions but aldo…the sexiness isn’t there.

  • The Aldo website has the Lewi in 6 colours instead of just 2.

    I personally love the orange ones.

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