Real vs. Steal – Christian Dior Starlight Mesh & Crystal Detail Sandals

by Juliana on March 16, 2014

Update: This post has been updated on March 16, 2014. Scroll down to see the new add.

Looking for the perfect modern Cinderella heels to go with your spectacular cocktail dress? Then look no further because your fairy godmother found you shoes fit for a princess. This pair by Christian Dior, lets your dress do most of the talking but definitely won’t get lost in the shuffle. The only challenging part is the price, which is a little too high for the average Cinderella. Not to worry though, your fairy godmother has waved her magic wand… so check out what she found below!

Christian Dior Starlight Mesh & Crystal Detail Sandals in nude

Christian Dior Starlight Mesh & Crystal Detail Sandals
($1.129, Bluefly)

Mix No. 6 “Tara” Satin Platform Pumps

Update (03/16/2014): Came across this Dior inspired satin mesh heels by Mix No. 6 today. It misses a few key details, but overall the look is still pretty similar to the designer shoe.

Mix No. 6 "Tara" Satin Platform Pumps in black satin (Dior Starlight knockoffs)

Mix No. 6 “Tara” Satin Platform Pumps
($34.94, Tradesy)

ZiGi Soho “Epiphany” Sandals

Isn’t your fairy godmother the best? This pair by ZiGi Soho is almost identical to the original, but they can be yours for only $74.99! All you need now is a fabulous pedicure and you’re all set to go to the ball. Oh, if only every girl was so lucky… just wait until Prince Charming sees you, he’s going to want to dance with you way past midnight! OK, ready for more good news? This stunning pair is available in both champagne and black.

ZiGi Soho "Epiphany" Sandals in nude (Christian Dior Starlight knockoffs)

ZiGi Soho “Epiphany” Sandalsamazon
($74.99, Amazon)

Image source(s): Bluefly, DSW, Amazon

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  • OMG!! You cannot tell the difference! Well… from a distance, but “Epiphany” looks also very classy =)

  • Karen

    This is a GREAT steal! Gorgeous! Great find, ladies!

  • Thank you, Karen! 🙂

  • Lucifin

    Um, not that it’s going to make a difference for me but seems like the CD one in black is on 20% off sale to lucky ladies who have either 8 or 8 1/2 in shoe size (wow way to go along your cinderella story ;P) Wish the Zigi went with a different mesh but great find. Thankies!

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