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by Irina on October 26, 2012

Update: This post has been updated on October 26, 2012. Scroll down to see the new add.

I recently noticed that I am pretty ill equipped in terms of sunglasses. In fact, I own exactly ONE (UPDATE: make that 15 now) pair of sunglasses which I bought about 2 years ago on eBay. However, those sunglasses I absolutely adore and treasure. It’s a pair of chocolate brown oversized Miu Miu sunnies which had cost me ca. $120. I haven’t been tempted to buy any new sunglasses ever since, but that might be about to change because I fell in love with Chloé‘s gorgeous “Myrte” sunnies. I really like the shape and the metal inlays add detail! Too bad they retail for $297 which is not a price I’m willing to pay since I’m not that big on sunglasses in the first place.

Chloé Myrte CL 2119 Sunglasses in black

Chloé Myrte CL 2119 Sunglassesamazon
($172.99, Amazon)

Celebrities Love Chloé

Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz wearing Chloé Myrte Sunglasses

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ASOS Metal Corner Detail Sunglasses

UPDATE (10/26/2012): 2 years later I have come across another pair of ASOS sunglasses that look a lot like Chloé’s Myrte shades.

ASOS Metal Corner Detail Sunglasses in black (Chloé Myrte knockoffs)

ASOS Metal Corner Detail Sunglassesls
($20.25, ASOS)

LC Lauren Conrad Round Sunglasses

UPDATE (10/14/2010): Lauren Conrad’s upscale fashion line may have tanked, but it looks like her line for Kohl’s, LC Lauren Conrad, is going pretty strong. The success might stem from the fact that she takes inspiration from her own fashion basics. Clearly, these sunglasses are spot-on Chloé’s Myrte knockoffs which she owns herself. Want the same style for a whole lot less? Get these sunnies at Kohl’s on sale for $16.99 in black, champagne or tortoise.

LC Lauren Conrad Round Sunglasses in black (Chloé Myrte knockoffs)

LC Lauren Conrad Round Sunglassesls
($16.99, Kohl’s)

ASOS Corner Detail Sunglasses

I happened to browse ASOS for the newest arrivals today and was absolutely delighted to see an almost identical version of the Chloé Myrte sunnies for a much, much lower price. The inlays on the black version are gold instead of gunmetal, but I think I even prefer that. The sunglasses come also in brown tortoisels.

ASOS Corner Detail Sunglasses in black (Chloè Myrte CL 2119 knockoff)

ASOS Corner Detail Sunglassesls
($20.40, ASOS)

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