Real vs. Steal – Chloé Madeleine Tote

by Irina on February 7, 2013

Update: This post has been updated on February 7, 2013. Scroll down to see the new add.

I don’t know how often I’ve already gushed about this mint green Chloé bag, but it obviously hasn’t been often enough because I still feel the urge to share my unconditional love for it with you all. I first mentioned it while writing about mint green being the It“-color of the season; I declared my adoration for this bag on Facebook; I even pinned it on my wish list. The only thing I haven’t done yet is actually buy it. Of course, I’d love to – but wait a minute! I forgot I’m not a darn millionaire, so no $2.700 bag for me today. Booooo!

Chloé Madeleine Tote in mint green

Chloé Madeleine Totels
($2.695, Barneys)

Versace Collection SS2013 Satchel Bag

UPDATE (02/07/2013): While this Versace Collection bag is not what one could consider a “steal” with its price of €759.95 (ca. $1.000), it sure is a budget-friendlier alternative Chloé satchel which costs more than twice as much.

Versace Collection SS2013 Satchel Bag in mint green

Versace Collection SS2013 Satchel Bagaffilinet
(€759.95, Zalando)

Street Level “Matilda” 2-in-1 Satchel

UPDATE (07/17/2012): So today I spotted this mint green Street Level bag over at Handbag Heaven and it instantly reminded me of the gorgeous Chloé bag above. It’s not a 100% look-a-like match, but it will definitely give you the same look for a budget price and the color is insanely adorable, isn’t it?

Street Level "Matilda" 2-in-1 Satchel in mint green (Chloé Madeleine knockoff)

Street Level “Matilda” 2-in-1 Satchel
($54.95, Handbag Heaven)

Botkier “Phoenix” Satchel

At $575 you can’t really call this tote bag by Botkier a “steal”, but it does in fact cost a whopping 80% less than the Chloé bag, so that makes the Botkier bag a much more realistic puchase option. And while it doesn’t come in the adorable mint green color as Chloé’s Madeleine I do like the pastel peachy color of the Botkier bag almost just as much.

Botkier "Phoenix" Satchel in nude (Chloé Madeleine knockoff)

Botkier “Phoenix” Satchelamazon
($575, Amazon)

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