Real vs. Steal – Chloé Madeleine Duffle Bag

by Roseanne on March 4, 2013

Update: This post has been updated on March 4, 2013. Scroll down to see the new add.

For a long-term investment that will take one through ages of evolving fashion, this Chloé Madeleine Duffle Bag is an item that will simply never go out of style. It has an ideal structure that is classic but still very much contemporary. This also greatly reflects in the colossal price of $2.130, which is not very surprising due to the luxury factor behind the Chloé brand. Since most of us are not able to afford this noteworthy handbag, we have found a similar look-a-like below for a great budget price!

Chloé Madeleine Duffle Bag in toffee

Chloé Madeleine Duffle Bagls
($2.130, NET-A-PORTER)

Stylistpick “Anna” Structured Holdall Bag

UPDATE (03/04/2013): Stumbled upon this lovely duffle bag in pink by Stylistpick which instantly reminded me of the Chloé Madeleine. Only £35 and also available in blackls!

Stylistpick "Anna" Structured Holdall Bag in pink (Chloé Madeleine look-a-like)

Stylistpick “Anna” Structured Holdall Bag
(£35, Stylistpick)

Alloy “Alyse” Duffel Bag

The similarities between the handbag above and the “Alyse” Duffel Bag by Alloy are simply booming, except for one major perfect distinction which, of course, is the price! If you want to purchase a handbag which can be practically worn with any day-to-day attire and still have that casual, luxury touch, then this handbag is for you. Priced at only $39.90, this duffel bag will not break your budget and give you a similar look to that of the expensive Chloé Madeleine. The neutral cognac color is absolutely ideal for any wardrobe choices. Be sure to use the any of the promo codes for some extra savings!

Alloy "Alyse" Duffel Bag in cognac (Chloé Madeleine knockoff)

Alloy “Alyse” Duffel Bagls
($39.90, Alloy)

Image source(s): NET-A-PORTER, Stylistpick, Alloy

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