Real vs. Steal – Chloé Glove Cork Wedges

by Velicia on May 21, 2011

Update: This post has been updated on May 21, 2011. Scroll down to see the new adds.

I’ve been in love with the Chloé brand for some time now. This may age me a bit, but I still have a few pieces that date back to the Stella McCartney era. Yes, for those of you born in the 80’s, Stella at one time was head designer for Chloé. But enough with Fashion History 101, let’s talk current events. How hot are these glove cork wedges? Um, VERY – a perfect summertime shoe. I have no clue who actually designs for Chloé now, but I can tell you, that everyone and their damn sister have purchased these wedges, because even at $795, they’re sold out! But you know what that means…

Chloé Glove Cork Wedges in black

Chloé Glove Cork Wedgesls
($795, Neiman Marcus)

Kelsi Dagger “Clarabel” Wedge Sandals

UPDATE (05/21/2011): And here’s another espadrille version of Chloè’s Glove wedges by Kelsi Dagger. The platform here is much lower, but still the same look.

Kelsi Dagger "Clarabel" Wedge Sandals in black (Chloé knockoffs)

Kelsi Dagger “Clarabel” Wedge Sandals

Coconuts By Matisse “Babylon” Wedges

UPDATE (05/21/2011): Just came across another great Chloé alternative. These Coconuts by Matisse wedges have an espadrille platform instead of cork, but the overall look is still pretty much the same. Available in black or grey.

Coconuts By Matisse "Babylon" Wedges in black (Chloé knockoffs)

Coconuts By Matisse “Babylon” Wedgesamazon
($39.99, Amazon)

Office “WONDER YEARS” Wedge Sandals

UPDATE (05/21/2011): UK shoe retialer Office also has a pretty similar version of the Chloé wedges named “WONDER YEARS”. These espadrilles come in black, camel and coral suede.

Office "WONDER YEARS" Wedge Sandals in black (Chloé knockoffs)

Office “WONDER YEARS” Wedge Sandals
(£65, Office)

Riplay Kabeh-01 Wedges

…We found a replica that retails for so much less and that fits like a glove (trust me, I have a pair)! What makes this steal by Riplay even more awesome, if you look real closely, it has a thong; when was the last time you saw a thong, a wedge & ankle strap all in one shoe? It is missing the cork, but for only $13.50 plus free shipping for a limited time, I say click now and get yourself a pair!

Riplay Kabeh-01 Wedges in black (Chloé knockoffs)

Riplay Kabeh-01 Wedges
($15, Ms. Heel)

Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, Piperlime, SWELL, Office, Ms. Heel

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  • teresa

    How obnoxious. SM was with Chloe from 1997 to 2001…those of us born in the 80’s were OBVIOUSLY old enough to realize this. Perhaps it is YOU who needs to do some fact checking.

  • Hi Teresa, thanks for the info though I think you’re a little harsh here. I was born ’85 and at the age of 12 didn’t know SM was designing for Chloé nor did I give a damn about it at that time.

    @Velicia: FYI, Hannah MacGibbon is currently designing for Chloé.

  • Hi Teresa,
    I obviously failed at my attempt at humor. I was trying to say, that if you were born in the 80’s, by the time the 90’s came around, you probably were”t following high fashion-THAT’S ALL! My intention was not to insult you or any other reader born in the 80’s or 90’s. The joke was on me ( a baby of the 70’s)! 😉

  • p.s. thanks Irina for the heads up on who designs for Chloe now!

  • Ms. Bentley

    Love you Irina, you are a class act!!!

  • So back to this fabulous shoe ….I am Loving the shoe and loving the price ..Thanks

  • Thank you Ms. Bentley, YOU are a doll! 🙂

  • My Response

    teresa seems like a total ass

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