Cheap vs. Cheaper – Topshop Gillian vs. Breckelle’s Mandy-02 Lace-Up Heels

by Irina on November 19, 2015

Lace-Up heels have officially conquered the shoe world and just like skinny jeans, they are here to stay! We’ve written about lace-up heels several years ago and ever since more and more lace-up styles have surfaced. There just seems to be something so absolutely irresistible about an intricately laced-up foot on a stiletto heel. No doubt: lace-up heels are THE sexy shoes of the moment! If you can’t afford the pricey designer kind à la Aquazzura, you have to turn to the high street and other fast fashion retailers to get your fashion fix. Topshop‘s sexy “Gillian” heels were (and still are) incredibly popular among the fashion blogosphere and have sold out multiple times on the website already. Luckily, you don’t even have to spend that much because I discovered a spot-on “Gillian” dupe by Breckelle’s that looks just like the Topshop version, but costs only a little more than 10% of it! Super steal deal alert!

Topshop Gillian vs. Breckelle's Mandy-02 Lace-Up Heels

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P.S.: Topshop’s “Gillian” Pumps are also available at Topshop (d’uh!) and Breckelle’s Mandy-02 Heels are also available at Amazonamazon.

Image source(s): Topshop, My White T, Zulily

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