Real vs. Steal – Charlotte Olympia Alice Leopard Lace-Up Booties

by Irina on September 22, 2011

Update: This post has been updated on September 22, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

Leopard print is HUGE this season. I know you’ve probably heard this left and right already, but can I just say it one more time, please? Because really it is huuuuuge. Don’t believe me? Look at any given fall/winter collection lookbook, fashion mag/blog or window display. Animal print, more precisely leopard and cheetah print are taking over our closets in 2010/2011. Summer was already full of it and Fall is approaching just as strong with leopard print shoes, accessories, dresses & coats everywhere. Charlotte Olympia‘s Alice low-cut leopard lace-up booties are a perfect example why I am totally digging this trend. The print stands out yet the shoe is classic and elegant. No tackiness or any reminiscence of cheap perfume, spray tan and teased hair. That’s exactly how I love me some leopard print: wild but classy. And if you don’t take any fashion advice from me, check out the world’s most stylish socialite, Olivia Palermo, rocking her Alice leopard booties to pieces.

Charlotte Olympia Alice Leopard Lace-Up Booties

Charlotte Olympia Alice Leopard Lace-Up Booties
(£645, Charlotte Olympia)

Olivia Palermo Loves Charlotte Olympia

Olivia Palermo in Charlotte Olympia Alice Leopard Lace-Up Booties

Fergie “Gatsby Too” Oxford Leopard Booties

Update (09/22/2011): I wouldn’t necessarily call these leopard print booties by Fergie knockoffs, but they will definitely give you the same look of the Charlotte Olympia heels.

Fergie "Gatsby Too" Oxford Leopard Booties (Charlotte Olympia Alice knockoffs)

Fergie “Gatsby Too” Oxford Leopard Bootiesamazon
($128.24, Amazon)

Sam Edelman “Ria” Leopard Ankle Booties

Update (06/25/2011): Found another Charlotte Olympia leopard bootie alternative by Sam Edelman. I wouldn’t say these are a dupe, but still close enough to evoke the same look and feel.

Sam Edelman "Ria" Leopard Ankle Booties (Charlotte Olympia Alice knockoffs)

Sam Edelman “Ria” Leopard Ankle Booties
($78.13, Sam Edelman)

Zara Leopard Ankle Boots

Update (05/21/2011): Can I get a high-pitched “OMG!” for these awesome Alice look-a-likes by Zara, please? Aren’t they just amazingly identical to the originals? Hate to disappoint you here, but these are not available to buy… yet. I found these on the US Zara website, but there’s no option to order them right now, so I guess it’s a preview of what’s to come. I’m checking the site daily though anxiously awaiting the arrival of these wild beauties. Totally going to buy them!

Zara Leopard Ankle Boots (Charlotte Olympia Alice knockoffs)

Zara Leopard Ankle Boots
($139, Vestiaire Collective)

Pour La Victoire “Blake” Booties

I know our steal versions are usually more spot-on and less of the inspired by-kind, but even though these ankle boots by Pour La Victoire are cheetah print and lack the black heel or the lace-up detail, I still think they’re a great alternative to the Charlotte Olympia booties as they have the same look and feel. Sure, they aren’t an impulse buy at $289.95, but if you consider how you can jazz up even the most boring outfit with these darlings the cost-per-wear might well be worth it if you dare to wear this trend.

Pour La Victoire "Blake" Ankle Boots in cheetah (Charlotte Olympia Alice knockoffs)

Pour La Victoire “Blake” Booties
($289.95, Pour La Victoire)

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  • I’m just being really anal here, but it’s the opposite.

    Cheetah spots are just black while leopard has the two tone spots.

  • LOVE Leopard print!! but i think I’ll take these: stuart weitzman stilettos over booties!!! (and i prefer the price as well :p)

  • Ladyb

    Hey there, any sign of the Zara version yet, the US site just redirects to their homepage.

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