Real vs. Steal – Chanel Camellia Flower Jelly Thong Sandals

by Irina on March 19, 2014

UPDATE: This post has been updated on March 19, 2014. Scroll down to see the new adds.

I usually don’t deem flip flops dressy or fashionable, but as so often Chanel once again proves me wrong. How lovely do these PVC thong sandals look? I really like the classic color combo of black and ivory here and also the Camellia flower embellishment – Coco Chanel’s signature flower – which is such a nice way to dress up a pair of plain ole’ flip flops, don’t you agree? And how cute does the CC logo link look? Such a sweet little detail to add! I’m not sure how much these flip flops retailed for, but I think it must’ve been around $550-$600. For a pair of PVC shoes! Yeah. Chanel ain’t for penny pinchers, people!

Chanel Camellia Flower Jelly Thong Sandals in black

Chanel Camellia Flower Jelly Thong Sandals
(Price Unknown, N/A)

Mel by Melissa Honey III Flip Flops

UPDATE (03/19/2014): Found another set of flower-embellished flip flops that reminded me of the Chanel version above. This one’s by Mel by Melissa, it comes in various color combinations and retails for $35.

Mel by Melissa Honey III Flip Flops (Chanel Camellia knockoffs)

Mel by Melissa Honey III Flip Flopscj
($35, Zappos)

P.S.: Also available at ShopWSSpjx & Amazonamazon.

Capelli Flower-Embellished Flip Flops

UPDATE (03/19/2014): And here’s another lovely and very budget-friendly Chanel inspired flip flop I came across today. These Capelli thong sandals are currently on sale for under $12 and come in either black/cream or cream/black.

Capelli Flower-Embellished Flip Flops in black and cream (Chanel Camellia knockoffs)

Capelli Flower-Embellished Flip Flopsamazon
($11.95, Amazon)

Nine West “Frizzell” Flower Flip Flops

UPDATE (02/17/2014): The flower on these Nine West flip flops might not look quite as beautiful and delicate as on the Chanel ones, but they’re also only $49 and come in lovely colors such as white, yellow, coral and light blue.

Nine West "Frizzell" Flower Flip Flops in black and white (Chanel Camellia knockoffs)

Nine West “Frizzell” Flower Flip Flopscj
($49, Nine West)

P.S.: Also available at eBayeBay.

Target Jelly Flower Flip Flops

Obviously, most of us can’t or won’t spend that kind of money on a pair of jelly shoes, but how about $13? Well, that’s more like it, right? Check out these thong sandals by Target which look very similar to Chanel’s Camellia flip flops. Of course, they are missing Chanel’s superb quality (and the cute gold CC-logo), but for $12.99 they’re a fab alternative to the pricey Chanel version.

Target Jelly Flower Flip Flop Sandals in black and ivory (Chanel Camellia knockoffs)

Target Jelly Flower Flip Flops
($12.99, Target)

Image source(s): Villandry Vintage, Target

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