Real vs. Steal – Chan Luu Semi Precious Stone Wrap Bracelet

by Roseanne on July 3, 2012

UPDATE: This post has been updated on July 3, 2012. Scroll down to see the new add.

Accessories can help produce a true statement and be the ultimate focal point of any outfit. Currently, wrapped and multiple stranded bracelets are very popular just like this Semi Precious Stone Bracelet by Chan Luu. Featuring simple and unique turquoise stones attached to a leather wrap, it can be worn casually and to add some color. Megan Fox and Hilary Duff wear this bracelet so mundanely, yet the final effect is a more polished and overall stylish look. The price tag is quite high though; thus, we have a perfect match for a perfect price! Check out the steal below!

Chan Luu Semi Precious Stone Wrap Bracelet in turquoise on brown leather

Chan Luu Semi Precious Stone Wrap Braceletcj
($168, Shopbop)

P.S.: Also available at Zapposcj, Bloomingdale’sls & Amazonamazon.

Celebrities Love Chan Luu

Megan Fox and Hilary Duff wearing a turquoise Chan Luu Semi Precious Stone Wrap Bracelet

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Love Rocks Ibiza Bracelet

UPDATE (07/03/2012): Found another Chan Luu bracelet look-a-like with added rhinestones by Love Rocks which you can buy at ASOS.

Love Rocks Ibiza Bracelet in turquoise (Chan Luu knockoff)

Love Rocks Ibiza Braceletls
($21.94, ASOS)

Melrose Glam Attraction 5 Wrap Bracelet

HOT DEAL: Use our exclusive promo code “INTHEIRCLOSET” for 10% OFF your order!

Why spend $168 when we have a beautifully and impeccably designed look-a-like bracelet by Melrose Glam for $45? It is in fact so similar, that I can’t tell apart one from another except maybe slight variations in the beads. The most interesting part about this bracelet yet, is that it can also be styled into a necklace and a belt. So as a multifunctional accessory, it clearly will take you a long way for an affordable price. Additionally, you can save even more with our exclusive promo code!

Melrose Glam Attraction 5 Wrap Bracelet in turquoise and brown (Chan Luu knockoff)

Melrose Glam Attraction 5 Wrap Bracelet
($45, BagInc)

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  • alaina

    to each his own i guess, but my god, IMO that bracelet certainly doesn’t look like it’s worth more than $10. it looks like something you could find at some street vendor or swap meet. i have an anklet that looks exactly like it from the GAP.

  • Amira

    Yeah I agree with Alaina. The look alike looks just like it but even at that price I wouldn’t purchase it

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