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by Irina on April 20, 2015

UPDATE: This post has been updated on April 20, 2015. Scroll down to see the new add.

We’ve discussed the fabulousness of Céline bags various times on this blog already, but did you know that the French design house makes some pretty great eyewear, too? Take their “Audrey” sunglasses for example. I love the simple yet chic design of these super black oversized sunnies, but the price tag of more than $200 (and we’re talking sale price here) is unfortunately a little to steep for my budget. Boohoo!

Céline Audrey Oversized Sunglasses in black

Céline Audrey Sunglassesamazon
($195.50, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Sunglasses Shop.

Style Bloggers Love Céline

Style bloggers such as Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad and Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad have all been spotted wearing Céline Audrey Sunglasses.

Fashion Squad and The Blonde Salad wearing black Céline Audrey Oversized Sunglasses

Who wore Céline better?

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Mango “Maria” Oversized Sunglasses

UPDATE (04/20/2015): Discovered these fabulous and budget-friendly Céline “Audrey” look-alike sunglasses at Mango. Also available in tortoise.

Mango "Maria" Oversized Sunglasses in black (Céline Audrey knockoffs)

Mango “Maria” Oversized Sunglasses
($29.99, Mango)

P.S.: Also available at Mango (UK)ls & Mango (FR).

Express Squared Cat Eye Sunglasses

UPDATE (01/22/2015): Stumbled upon these fabulous cat eye sunnies at Express today and thought they’d make a great Céline Audrey alternative. Also available in an ombré tortoise version.

Express Squared Cat Eye Sunglasses in black (Céline Audrey knockoffs)

Express Squared Cat Eye Sunglasses
($29.90, Express)

BP. “Langham” 49mm Sunglasses

UPDATE (08/15/2014): BP.‘s “Langham” sunglasses certainly remind me of the Céline sunnies above. Only $12 and available in either black or tortoise.

BP. "Langham" 49mm Sunglasses in black (Céline Audrey knockoffs)

BP. “Langham” 49mm Sunglassesls
($12, Nordstrom)

Minkpink “Ott” Oversized Sunglasses

UPDATE (02/17/2014): Stumbled upon another almost identical Céline Audrey look-a-like! Check out these oversized sunnies by Minkpink. A little more expensive, but still way cheaper than the real deal.

MINKPINK "Ott" Oversized Sunglasses in black (Céline Audrey knockoffs)

MINKPINK “Ott” Oversized Sunglassescj
($19.99, Urban Outfitters)

Triple Optic Oversized Fashion Sunglasses

If you can’t afford or aren’t willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a pair of sunglasses, then feel free to take a look at these just as fabulous Céline look-a-like sunnies by Triple Optic which are an almost spot-on dupe for the pricey Audrey sunglasses that cost only $10 which is approx. 5% of the designer originals’ sale price. Yay! Also available in burgundy, cream and tortoise.

Triple Optic Oversized Fashion Sunglasses in black (Céline Audrey knockoffs)

Triple Optic Oversized Fashion Sunglassesamazon
($9.99, Amazon)

FE NY Oversized Sunglasses

Another great alternative are these lovely oversized sunnies by FY NE. They are very similar to the Céline Audrey shades without being a blunt knock-off.

FE NY Oversized Sunglasses in black (Céline Audrey knockoffs)

FE NY Oversized Sunglassesls
($22, Nordstrom)

Image source(s): Google Images, Fashion Squad, The Blonde Salad, Amazon, Nordstrom

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