Celebrity Look 4 Less – Rachel Bilson in Paige Premium Denim, Rag & Bone & Chloé

by Vanessa on September 9, 2010

Rachel Bilson is a fan favorite (or at least one of my favorites) because she always manages to look effortlessly cool in whatever outfit she steps out in. Normally, nothing screams prim and proper like a crisp white button down shirt. Well, Rachel pairs it with denim cutoffs and it just nullifies everything we thought we knew about mixing the two. Well, done Ms. B, well done.

Rachel Bilson’s Look 4 Less

Rachel Bilson's Look 4 Less

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Our Rating: ★★★½☆

Who? Rachel Bilson
Where? Out in Beverly Hills, California
When? August 23, 2010
What? Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses, Paige Premium Denim Silver Lake Short w/ Repair, Chloé Darla Leather Tote & Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandals

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