Celebrity Look 4 Less – Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

by Irina on April 9, 2009

At the 2007 CMA Awards, Nicole Kidman arrived on the red carpet looking absolutely amazing in a strapless ombré dress from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2008 collection which degraded from a vibrant fuchsia to a deep purple and had floral details and butterflies printed all over the dress.

Nicole Kidman wearing an ombré Alexander McQueen Spring 2008 strapless dress

Our Rating: ★★★★½

Who? Nicole Kidman
Where? Country Music Awards 2007, Nashville
When? November 07, 2007
What? Alexander McQueen Spring 2008 dressls

Forever 21 Summer Night Maxi Dress

This maxi dress by Forever 21 might not be strapless and have a black upper bodice, but you can definitely tell it’s inspired by McQueen. A great alternative if you want Alexander McQueen 4 less and the perfect maxi dress for spring and summer.

Forever 21 Summer Night Ombré Maxi Dress in Pink and Purple

Forever 21 Summer Night Ombré Maxi Dress
($27.80, Forever21)

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