Celebrity Look 4 Less – Kristen Stewart’s Valentino Lace Dress

by Irina on November 4, 2010

How come that whenever I see Kristen Stewart hitting the red carpet it seems like she’s the unhappiest person in the world? I mean, I get that she’s the kind of celebrity who is very protective of her privacy, but c’mon, when you’re walking the red carpet it is an official event, so please put on a nice smile and let us mortals envy you in your super fancy and expensive Valentino dress and to-die-for Brian Atwood satin pumps. Too bad KStew rarely smiles because she’s amazingly pretty when she’s not wearing her grumpy face.

Kristen Stewart’s Valentino Look 4 Less

Kristen Stewart's Valentino Look 4 Less

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Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Who? Kristen Stewart
Where? “Welcome To The Rileys” Screening, New York
When? October 18, 2010
What? Valentino Resort 2011 one shoulder lace dress & Brian Atwood Maniac satin platform pumps

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  • Chantal

    There has been said so many bad things about her. Especially about her not smiling. And when she smile the media make a helluva fuss about it. Leave her alone, get something else to write about.

  • Chantal, I think I wasn’t too harsh about what I wrote about Kristen Stewart and her reluctance to smile at official press events. It’s just something I noticed. Being an actress means standing in the limelight; she should know that. If she’s not happy about what’s entailing the acting thing (promo events, less privacy), I don’t think she should be doing it at all then.

  • Sorry, but I agree with Chantal. People calling her out on her shyness isn’t helping her confidence or enthusiasm. Kristen is simply an introvert who is not completely comfortable with the red carpet, interview, or paparazzi. And being harrassed by reporters and photographers is not part of the job…it is something the celebrities have to tolerate every day. I would personally hate to be followed by paps who will do anything for a picture, even invade my personal space. Please lay off Kristen and her “grumpy face.”

  • @Alyssa: Well, I like to speak what’s on my mind. And again, I did not talk about paparazzi but official red carpet events where press is to be expected. Of course I understand that celebrities have a right to protect their privacy, but if you expose yourself to the public by going to such an (again, official) media event I think it’s simply rude to look as if you’re hating every person staring back at you. If you don’t feel like doing this, why bother going at all then?

  • gwen

    Hmm.. I was under the impression that this post was about what she was wearing, not K.Stew’s always grumpy face. Great finds, but I do love the original oh-so-much! To each their own when it comes to their personal opinions. Her blog post, her opinions. If you have a different one, don’t read it. Really. It’s childish. She does always have a grumpy face. If she doesn’t want to be there, then she shouldn’t go. It’s that simple.

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