Celebrity Look 4 Less – Ashley Tisdale’s Hermès Birkin Bag & Chloé Susan Studded Booties

by Juliana on August 16, 2012

Ashley Tisdale looks so young and carefree in this recent photo. Her outfit reminds me of something I wore on a laid-back date night while attending college. But what really makes her outfit pretty fantastic, are three things: the boots, the bag and that mane of amazing hair. The boots say, “I’m a little sassy, but still down-to-earth.”, the bag says: “I have expensive taste, but I value quality above all else.”, and the hair says, “I’m naturally beautiful, girly (did you see that hint of pink) and quite possibly in love.” So how can you steal Ashley’s glam-girl look? Take a look below and you’ll find all her essentials at a great price! Well, all but the hair… you’ll probably need to see an awesome stylist for that.

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Ashley Tisdale's Hermès Birkin Bag and Chloé Susan Studded Ankle Boots Look 4 Less

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Our Rating: ★★★½☆

Who? Ashley Tisdale
Where? At The Grove, Los Angeles
When? July 27, 2012
What? Hermès Birkin Bag, Chloé Susan Studded Booties ($1.345)

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