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Dressing up our smartphones has become almost quite as important as putting on our jewelry and choosing our accessories, hasn’t it? Since we’re spending so much time texting, playing and reading with our digital helpers, our phones are constantly in our hands and hence have become part of our outfits. There are thousands of fabulous phone covers on the market nowadays and Threadless happens to have one of the most amazing and unique selections. My current favorite would have to be this lovely nordic print case in black, white and red called “From Russia with Love“. So cute! I just wish I’d discovered it at the start of winter since it looks so cozy and winterly. Available for various phone types.

Threadless From Russia with Love iPhone Case

Threadless “From Russia with Love” iPhone Case
($29/$32, Threadless)


Forever 21 has tons of cute stuff, but I hardly ever find myself obsessing over anything from there. Well, that was until I stumbled upon this gorgeous cobalt blue peplum top today, of course. I just love the deep blue hue on the structured and elegant peplum silhouette! And even though this top is made of polyester, I think the material has a very luxurious silky look to it, wouldn’t you agree? It certainly doesn’t look like a $17.80 top to me at all! I also like how F21 styled the top here and would probably wear it like that myself: with white bottoms, oversized shades and lots of gold costume jewelry.

Forever 21 Studded Peplum Top in cobalt blue

Forever 21 Studded Peplum Top
($17.80, Forever 21)


I usually don’t fall prey to the hype that surrounds beauty-related limited editions, but Chanel‘s holiday collection “Éclats du soir de Chanel” has got me obsessed! Admittedly, it’s not too hard to fall for Chanel, but it’s even easier when you love their cosmetic line which I do. Actually, the 3 basics that I use daily in my makeup routine are all by Chanel: 1. The incredible MAT LUMIÈREls which has been my #1 go-to foundation for more than five years. 2. The “INIMITABLEls” mascara which works miracles on my lashes and is the only high-end mascara I didn’t regret buying. 3. The IRÉELLEamazon blush in “70 – Incognito” – one of the few blushes I find flattering for my skin tone. But now let’s take a look at the collection…


“Éclats du soir de Chanel” is available at NORDSTROMls & Bergdorf Goodmanls.

What I love most about this holiday collection is the dark velvety lipstick (307 – L’IMPATIENTE) and the red black shimmering nail polish (637 – MALICE). Didn’t I tell you oxblood would be a huge beauty trend in Fall 2012? I’ll probably end up buying both of these products twice so I can also gift them for christmas to one of my makeup loving friends.


This week I came across a lovely new online shop which I haven’t heard from before, namely Koshkappj (fun fact: “Koshka” translates to cat in Russian). I found so many lovely yet affordable things there I just had to share my fabulous finds with you. How do you like my picks?

Obsession of the Day - New Arrivals @ Koshka

Go Shopping:

  1. Love Zooey Seamed Tank Dressppj, $140
  2. Lucca Couture Leopard Tank Dressppj, $68
  3. Ladakh “Betty Boop” Dressppj, $80
  4. V-Neck Maxi Dressppj, $65
  5. Aryn K. Pocket Pencil Skirtppj, $69
  6. Line & Dot Candy Stripe Dressppj, $65

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OK, so let me start off by saying that I’m not the girly type of person who falls for all things pink. In fact, I try to avoid all rosey pastel pinks the best I can. I do like, however, a strong and daring shade of pink, much like the hue on this new in duffle bag by BagInc. If you happen to read this blog for a while, you’ll know I love, love, love my black Alexa bag from BagInc (read my review here) and this new colorful version would be a great update to my Alexa bag collection I think (alright, you can’t quite call it a collection yet when you own only one Alexa bag, but it’s not like I ain’t planning on starting one). Any advice whether to buy or not to buy?

BagInc "Alexa" Studded Duffle Bag in pink (Alexander Wang Rocco knockoff)

BagInc “Alexa” Studded Duffle Bag
($159, BagInc)


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