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Update: This post has been updated on July 22, 2017. Scroll down to see the new add.

After writing this blog for more than 9 years and scouring the internet for designer dupes even longer, I hardly raise an eyebrow anymore whenever I come across a budget brand or fast-fashion chain copying a high fashion designer. But when designers – with very similar price points – copy amongst each other? Baffling! Which is exactly how I felt when I recently stumbled upon a pair of frayed satin slides by Stuart Weitzman. I knew I had seen that same style somewhere before, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on where. So after a few days I have almost already forgotten about it when I accidentally saw the Gianvito Rossi‘s “Barth” Sandal which looks so much alike, they’re basically designer shoe twins. Both have the same design, the same details, the same fabric and the same color! The prices, however, are somewhat different, but still close enough together to be both considered luxury shoes with Rossi’s sandals costing $645 and Weitzman’s version being priced at $375 (now on sale for $150). I can’t tell who is copying whom though since I don’t know who came out first with their shoe style. Anyway, both sandals are absolutely fabulous and right on trend with the soft pink tone and the silky satin upper, so you can either go with your personal preference or your bank account because style-wise it’s a close tie between these two.

Gianvito Rossi Barth & Stuart Weitzman Edgeout Frayed Satin Crisscross Slide Sandals in blush pink

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The Fix “Brystal” Frayed Cross Strap Slide Dress Sandals

Update (07/22/2017): I’ve just discovered Amazon’s newly launched in-house fashion brand called The Fix which offers a selection of affordable bags and shoesamazon including these super cute Gianvito Rossi Barth sandal dupes for $69. In order to be able to buy these though, you have to be an Amazon Prime member, but luckily you can start a free 30-day trial if you’re not signed up to this annual subscription service yet.

The Fix "Brystal" Frayed Cross Strap Slide Dress Sandals (Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes)

The Fix “Brystal” Frayed Cross Strap Slide Dress Sandalsamazon
($69, Amazon)

LFL by Lust for Life “Frill” Frayed Slide Sandals

Update (05/16/2017): Just stumbled upon these amazingly spot-on Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes by LFL by Lust for Life which come in either blush, black or silver and are on sale for $36.99. Love them!

LFL by Lust for Life "Frill" Frayed Slide Sandals in blush pink, silver and black satin (Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes)

LFL by Lust for Life “Frill” Frayed Slide Sandalsamazon
($36.99, Amazon)

Also available at 6pm.

Forever 21 Frayed Ribbed Satin Slides

If you find yourself drooling over the blush satin slides above, but none of the price tags finds your liking, how about these frayed crisscross sandals by Forever 21 then? They look basically just like the designer versions above, but cost a mere $19.90 instead! Love, love, love!

Forever 21 Frayed Ribbed Satin Slides in blush pink (Gianvito Rossi Barth & Stuart Weitzman Edgeout inspired dupes)

Forever 21 Frayed Ribbed Satin Slides
($19.90, Forever 21)

Which satin slide sandals do you like best?

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Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, Jildor, Amazon, Zappos, Forever 21


Amazon’s Prime Day is finally here, and it’s Amazon’s biggest deal promotion yet! This annual day of sales has first started in 2015 and Amazon has been able to grow Prime Day to the dimensions comparable to Black Friday and Cyber Monday within just two years! There are thousands of items from every category out there on sale right now, but in order to take advantage of the deals and get the advertised discounts, you need to be an Amazon Primeamazon member which is a yearly subscription service of Amazon that will give you various perks and bonuses including FREE two-day shipping, exclusive access to movies and TV shows, ad-free music, unlimited photo storage, and Kindle books.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

See all Amazon Prime Day Deals!amazon

Non-Prime members can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial to get instant access to today’s Prime Day sale and the rest of the other Amazon Prime services and benefits. Due to the massive amount of available deals, we suggest you take a look at the deals yourself to find out which ones are most useful to you. A few of our (tech-heavy) deal highlights include:

And if you can’t be bothered by fancy gadgets or shiny tech accessories, check out the Prime Day deals for categories like fashionamazon, homeamazon, furnitureamazon or beautyamazon.

By the way, Amazon Prime Day is an international promotion, so it’s also happening over at Amazon.caamazon,, Amazon.deamazon, Amazon.framazon and various other countries.

Happy deal hunting!

Image source(s): Amazon


Trendy Summer Essentials

by Irina on June 29, 2017

July is right around the corner and summer is in full swing! Staying on top of your fashion game in sweltering heat can be pretty tough when all you want to do is wear as less as possible. But I did a little style research and found a couple of awesome summer essentials that are so on trend right now without being too complicated or overboard (OK, minus the flamingo maybe). We mostly focussed on accessories here, so you can take them off or put them down at any time and let them shine right next to you in your pool lounger. So if you want to make your summer absolutely #instagrammable, take a look at our list below and pick your favorite three for maximal ♥ ♥ ♥! From straw bags to lemon and banana leaf prints to eye-catching ball drop earrings, this is what fashionastas all around the world are loving and wearing right now.

Trendy Summer Essentials - Straw Bags, BonBon Earrings, Lemon Banana Leaf Print, Pom Pom Sandals, Inflatable Flamingo

Go Shopping:

  1. Moon River Lemon Print Midi Dressamazon, $92
  2. Unique Vintage Mrs. Parker Watermelon Ombre One Piece Swimsuitamazon, $85.80
  3. SojoS SJ1049 Mirrored Cat-Eye Sunglassesamazon, $13.99
  4. Intex Flamingo Inflatable Ride-Onamazon, $19.99
  5. Paula’s Choice EXTRA CARE Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50, $17
  6. Miuco Handmade Bamboo Tote Bagamazon, $66.99
  7. Zealmer Harness Body Chainamazon, $7.89
  8. Steve Madden “Carly” Pom Pom Embellished Slide-On Sandalsls, $79.95
  9. Mingchen “Bonjour” Handmade Tote Straw Bagamazon, $21
  10. AprilJuly Silk Bon Bon Ball Drop Earringsamazon, $25
  11. ZTY66 Off-Shoulder Flared Top w/ Banana Leaf Printamazon, $5.69
  12. Ellen ‘n James Round Rattan Basket Bag, $65

Image source(s): Amazon, Etsy, Paula’s Choice, Steve Madden


Update: This post has been updated on May 2, 2017. Scroll down to see the new add.

To this date Manolo Blahnik‘s “Hangisi” Cobalt Blue Satin Pumps are still one of the most requested shoes for a Real vs. Steal post on this blog. Our inbox is filled with emails from women who asked us to find a budget-friendly alternative to Carrie Bradshaw’s beautifully blue Manolos in the 2008 Sex and the City movie. And while there are quite a few wonderful Hangisi look-alikes out there, many of them run either on the rather expensive side or are simply not available anymore, so I was super happy when I came across these vivid blue satin heels by ASOS because they’re the perfect blank canvas for a DIY Manolo Blahnik Hangisi shoe project. All you need – besides the ASOS shoes, of course – is a pair of sparkly shoe clips and you’re good to go! I happened to find a really cute version by this brand called Absolutely Audrey for $21.99 which will give you a very similar look to the Manolo Blahniks. The total price for this super basic DIY amounts to a little over $90 which is less than 1/10 of the real deal’s price. Now that’s what I call a real steal deal!

DIY Idea - Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin Pumps

Go Shopping:

Office “On To” Pointed-Toe Stiletto Satin Pumps

Update (05/02/2017): Discovered these gorgeous satin stiletto heels by Office today and thought they’d be the perfect base shoe for the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi DIY project shown above. Available in fuchsia pink or cobalt blue satin for £68.

Office "On To" Pointed-Toe Stiletto Satin Pumps in fuchsia pink and cobalt blue (Manolo Blahnik Hangisi inspired)

Office “On To” Pointed-Toe Stiletto Satin Pumps
(£68, Office)

Also available at Office London (DE).

Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, ASOS, Absolutely Audrey, Office


Update: This post has been updated on May 2, 2017. Scroll down to see the new add.

Colorful Pom Pom sandals are all the rage this summer, but if you can’t be bothered with complicated and tedious lace-up gladiator styles which take forever to get laced just right, these embellished leather slides by Schutz are a great and just as fabulous alternative – they’re super easy to put on and off which thus makes them the perfect beach or pool shoes for your summer vacation. But if you don’t see yourself spending $160 on a pair of trendy leather slides, well, we just happened to come across an absolute spot-on Schutz “Estelen” look-alike by Steve Madden. The design of Madden’s “Gypsy” is pretty much identical, even the arrangement of the embellishments is almost the exact same! The only noticeable difference here is the $79 price tag on the Steve Maddens which makes them half as expensive as the pricey Schutz sandals. Which slide-on sandals do you prefer, Madden or Schutz? And would you rather splurge or save on this shoe trend? Let us know!

Splurge or Save? - Embellished Sandal Slides: Schutz "Estelen" or Steve Madden "Gypsy"?

Embellished Sandal Slides: Splurge or Save?

Now that you’ve seen the »Splurge or Save?« contenders, please cast your vote…

Embellished Sandal Slides: Splurge or Save?

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Dorothy Perkins “Fraya” Tassel Mule Sandals

Update (05/02/2017): Browsed Dorothy Perkins today and stumbled upon this lovely slide sandal and was instantly reminded of the Schutz version above. So cute, right?

Dorothy Perkins "Fraya" Tassel Mule Sandals in tan (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Dorothy Perkins “Fraya” Tassel Mule Sandals
($45, Dorothy Perkins)

Also available at Zalando & Debenhams.

Olivia Miller “Kaara” Embellished Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): Discovered yet another embellished sandal slide today! These cute embellished summer sandals are by Olivia Miller and cost $24.99 at Kohl’s (sale price!).

Olivia Miller "Kaara" Embellished Sandals in tan (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Olivia Miller “Kaara” Embellished Sandals
($24.99, Kohl’s)

Chinese Laundry “Palma” Flat Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): These Chinese Laundry embellished sandals may be a bit more expensive at $80, but I love their look, especially the green/turquoise version which is my personal favorite.

Chinese Laundry "Palma" Flat Sandals in pink and green tan (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Chinese Laundry “Palma” Flat Sandals
($80, Zappos)

Also available at Amazonamazon, Nordstromls, Chinese Laundry & ShoeMallls.

Forever 21 Fringed Pom Pom Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): Also came across these fun-colored sandal slides at Forever 21 which also reminded me of the Schutz sandal above. Available in various color combinations for a steal price of $22.90.

Forever 21 Fringed Pom Pom Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Forever 21 Fringed Pom Pom Sandals
($22.90, Forever 21)

BP. “Abby” Embellished Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): Another great Schutz Estelen inspired alternative are these cute sandal slides by BP. which cost $49.95.

BP. "Abby" Embellished Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

BP. “Abby” Embellished Sandalsls
($49.95, Nordstrom)

Mossimo Supply Co. “Kay” Slide Sandals

Update (01/30/2017): Spotted another awesome budget-friendly “Save” contender at Target. These embellished slides are by Mossimo Supply Co. and cost only $27.99. Steal deal alert!

Mossimo Supply Co. "Kay" Slide Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Mossimo Supply Co. “Kay” Slide Sandals
($27.99, Target)

Madden Girl “Kreed” Embellished Slide Sandals

Update (01/30/2017): Also found these slides by Madden Girl which are a great alternative to the pricey Schutz sandals are also cheaper than the Steve Madden version ($49 at Macy’s).

Madden Girl "Kreed" Embellished Slide Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Madden Girl “Kreed” Embellished Slide Sandals
($49, Macy’s)

Also available at Steve Maddenls & Steve Madden (Canada)ls.

Image source(s): Revolve, Macy’s, Dorothy Perkins, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Target, Macy’s


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