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Oh, Tom Ford! Ever since watching this documentary about him, I kind of have developed a soft spot for the well-spoken Texas-born designer. While I was a little too young to appreciate his creativity and talent when he was doing his magic for Gucci and YSL back in the 1990s, I have been following his own brand with a lot of interest over the last few years. It’s not often we feature Tom Ford on this blog which is mainly due to the fact that the mainstream fashion chains rarely pick up on his collections, but this bootie is an exception. It’s sexy and extravagant (check out the screw-studded backls!) but also works for the mainstream fashion taste. What doesn’t work for the masses though? The hefty price tag of $1.490!

Tom Ford Screw-Studded Open-Toe Booties in black

Tom Ford Screw-Studded Open-Toe Bootiesls
($1.490, Bergdorf Goodman)

Call It Spring “Diver” High Heel Booties

UPDATE (10/26/2014): Just stumbled upon these Call It Spring peep-toe booties and they instantly reminded me of the Tom Ford heeled ankle booties above.

Call It Spring "Diver" High Heel Booties in black (Tom Ford knockoffs)

Call It Spring “Diver” High Heel Booties
($44.99, JCPenney)

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon & ShoeMetro.

Steve Madden “DIANNA” Peep-toe High Heel Booties

If you want Tom Ford for less, Steve Madden is your dealer! Madden’s “DIANNA” peep-toe bootie sure has Tom Ford written all over it, no? While it does miss the cool screw-studded detail in the back, it does have the higher heel of the two and – if you ask me – the nicer arch as well. Plus, splurging on these booties won’t leave your credit card crying for mercy.

Steve Madden "DIANNA" Peep-toe High Heel Booties in black (Tom Ford knockoffs)

Steve Madden “DIANNA” Peep-toe High Heel Bootiesamazon
($129.99, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Nordstromls, Steve Maddenls, Dunels & Heels.comcj.

Image source(s): Bergdorf Goodman, Call It Spring, Steve Madden

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I remember very well how I totally fell in love with this strappy high heel sandal the first time I discovered it on Zara. I was especially smitten with the bright turquoise suede version. For some reason I decided to wait and see whether these would go on sale. As you can probably imagine it wasn’t the best idea because unsurprisingly these strappy heels became quite the hit among fashion bloggers and hence sold out in no time. I still regret not snapping these up while I had the chance because they remind me of these fab Alaïa sandals which I absolutely adore.

Zara Strappy High-Heel Sandals in black suede

Zara Strappy High-Heel Sandals
($89.90, Zara)

Style Bloggers Love Zara

Style Bloggers in Zara Strappy High-Heel Sandals

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Yoki “Ariana” Strappy Stiletto Heels

UPDATE (10/26/2014): Found these super cute and super cheap faux suede heels by Yoki which are a spot-on dupe for the Zara sandals above.

Yoki "Ariana" Strappy Stiletto Heels in red and black faux suede (Zara knockoffs)

Yoki “Ariana” Strappy Stiletto Heelscj
($19.99, KMART)

P.S.: Also available at NORDSTROM Rackpjx.

Obsession Rules “Victoria” Strappy Suede Sandals

UPDATE (04/12/2014): Stumbled upon this Zara dupe by Obsession Rules which is actually $10 more expensive than the real deal, however, overall it’s a rather reasonable price for a real suede shoe and if you’re desperate for the look of the Zara heels, these are a an almost perfect match (the only noticeable difference is the slightly lower heel of these).

Obsession Rules "Victoria" Strappy Suede Sandals in blue and black (Zara knockoffs)

Obsession Rules “Victoria” Strappy Suede Sandalscj

P.S.: Also available at a highly discounted price at NORDSTROM Rackpjx.

Bonnibel Sonya-4 Strappy Peep-Toe Heels

No need to worry though because I happened to come across these wallet-friendly faux suede heels by Bonnibel which are a total 1:1 dupe of the Zara sandals above. Too bad these don’t also come in turquoise. But black and beige are absolutely fine, too!

Bonnibel Sonya-4 Strappy Peep-Toe Heels in beige and black faux suede (Zara knockoffs)

Bonnibel Sonya-4 Strappy Peep-Toe Heels
($36, LuLu*s)

Image source(s): Zara, KMART,, LuLu*s


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I’ve been a lot on my feet lately; running errands, organizing stuff and flat sandals have been my lifesavers! We all love a good high heel, but sometimes life just won’t let us have them. There’s a ton of ugly flat shoes out there, but there are also shoes out there like these by Givenchy. Classic and minimalistic and yet still fabulous in its own simple way, don’t you think? And expensive, of course. Let us not forget about that.

Givenchy Shark Tooth-Clasp Flat Sandals in black

Givenchy Shark Tooth-Clasp Flat Sandalsls
($795, NET-A-PORTER)

P.S.: Also available at Barneysls, MyTheresals, Farfetchls & Matches Fashionls.

Diane Kruger Loves Givenchy

Actress Diane Kruger has been spotted wearing Givenchy Shark Tooth-Clasp Flat Sandals on numerous occasions.

Diane Kruger wearing Givenchy Shark Tooth-Clasp Flat Sandals

Mollini “Gramal” Ankle-Strap Flat Sandals

UPDATE (10/23/2014): Discovered this almost identical Givenchy Shark Tooth Clasp dupe by Mollini today. Also available in a beautiful rose print version (also Givenchy inspired).

Mollini "Gramal" Ankle-Strap Flat Sandals in black (Givenchy Shark Tooth Clask knockoffs)

Mollini “Gramal” Ankle-Strap Flat Sandals
($149.95 AUD, StyleTread)

P.S.: Also available at Mollini.

Sole Society “Kasie” Ankle Strap Sandals

HOT DEAL: Subscribe to the Sole Society newsletter and get 20% off your first order!

If you crave Givenchy but don’t have the neccessary shopping budget, then here’s a great and wallet-friendly alternative we discovered at Sole Society. The clasp is slightly different, but the overall look is still very similar to the real deal. Available in black, taupe and dark brown.

Sole Society "Kasie" Flat Ankle Strap Sandals in black and sand (Givenchy knockoffs)

Sole Society “Kasie” Flat Ankle Strap Sandalsls
($59.95, Sole Society)


Who could not love Nikki Reed‘s outfit here? A cool leather jacket, red lips and matching heels, a striped shirt paired with skinny jeans and big black shades – isn’t that a look pretty much every woman would approve (and one that would make almost every woman look good in)? It’s equally cool and casual, but also dressed up thanks to the heels and red lips and a little badass, too. Below is our budget-friendly take on Nikki Reed’s fabulous outfit. Do you like it?

Nikki Reed’s Cool Leather Jacket & Red Suede Heels Look 4 Less

Celebrity Look 4 Less - Nikki Reed's All Saints Leather Jacket & Red Manolos

Go Shopping:

Our Rating: ★★★★½

Who?Nikki Reed
Where?Out & About in Los Angeles, California
When?September 10, 2014
What?All Saints Conroy Leather Biker Jacket ($650), Blank Denim Two Tone Skinny Jeanscj ($98), Manolo Blahnik BB Suede 105mm Pumpsls ($595)


I didn’t really know much about Tom Ford prior to Vahni‘s arrival here at InTheirCloset, but ever since V brought the Texan-born designer extraordinaire onto my fashion radar a few years back, he never really left since. And now that I’ve vigilantly watched Ford and the fashion scene for a couple years, I feel entitled to profess the following: nobody does black & gold quite like Tom Ford. Let that sink in for a moment […] Alright, let’s get to these awe-mazing zipper-adorned high heel booties of his, shall we? Normally, the thought of a zipper being stuck on my designer heels would sound like my worst fashion nightmare, but the magic appeal of Tom Ford kindly begs to differ. Two words: badass and obsessed! Sadly, these ultra sexy and equally unique high heel booties never received the celebrity coverage they deserved (or any personal style blogger love, for that matter). So far, only Mary J. Blige seems to have been brave and fierce enough to rock these zippered beauties yet. Not sure why, but maybe that price tag of $1.390 might have had something to do with it.

Tom Ford Zipper-Heel Leather Ankle Boots in black and gold

Tom Ford Zipper-Heel Leather Ankle Bootsls
($1.390, Neiman Marcus)

ZiGi Girl “Tabatha” Zipper-Heel High Heel Booties

This one’s for you, V! Enter ZiGi Girl‘s “Tabatha” Booties. They ain’t Tom Ford, I know, but they are the next best thing to Tom Ford for $129.95. ‘Cause as much as we’d all love to have the real deal in our closets, at almost $1.400 this ain’t a viable option for most us. So we have to settle for Tom Ford on a budget instead. Yay to paying rent and all the other boring stuff! Get these lovely (and budget-friendly) Tom Ford dupes as fast as you can click that “Buy now“-button because I sense an “Out of stock“-warning very soon here…

ZiGi Girl "Tabatha" Zipper-Heel High Heel Booties in black (Tom Ford knockoffs)

ZiGi Girl “Tabatha” Zipper-Heel High Heel Bootiesamazon
($129.95, Amazon)

Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, Amazon


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