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Really, what is there to say about shoes like the Venus Front-Zip Platform Sandals by Gucci? Sex on a stiletto? A platform of perverse perfection? A picture—or a pair—is worth a thousand words…and a not far off a thousand bucks, either. They are exquisite. And expensive. Gah.

Gucci Venus Front-Zip Platform Sandals in black

Gucci Venus Front-Zip Platform Sandalscj
($749.99, Bluefly)

Celebrities Love Gucci

Faith Hill, Emily Blunt and Jada Pinkett Smith wearing black Gucci Venus Front-Zip Platform Sandals

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Chinese Laundry “Momento” Platform Sandals

If you, like me, regularly lust Gucci but lack the funds necessary to stockpile this iconic brand, at least you can look like a Gucci queen from the ankle down, thanks to Chinese Laundry. The “Momento” Platform Sandals are virtually the same as Gucci’s Venus — complete with a zipper up the front, but with plenty of bills left for your next acquisition. Available in black and cognac.

Chinese Laundry "Momento" Platform Sandals in black (Gucci Venus knockoffs)

Chinese Laundry “Momento” Platform Sandalsamazon
($60, Amazon)


Giuseppe Zanotti has been designing the shoes for Balmain ever since Christophe Decarnin took over the French fashion house in 2006. I love how Zanotti always manages to reflect the key looks of the collection in his designs. Balmain S/S 2010 was infused with military references and looking at these studded lace-up booties you can see these references here as well. The faded army green color, the shrapnel-style studs, the utilitarian zipper. Swoooooon!

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Lace-Up Studded Booties in green

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Lace-Up Studded Booties
(Price Unknown, SOLD OUT)

Celebrities Love Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain

Rihanna, Amber Rose, Alicia Keys & Kim Kardashian wearing green Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Lace-Up Studded Booties

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ZiGiny “Jemma” Ankle Boots

Well, the color has been exchanged, but the design of these studded lace-up booties by ZiGiny has been taken over 1:1. Don’t tell anyone, but I think the tan suede color might be a little more doable than the original green color of the originals.

ZiGiny "Jemma" Ankle Boots in tan (Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain knockoffs)

ZiGiny “Jemma” Ankle Bootsamazon
($105.50, Amazon)


I’m not quite sure what to think of Katy Perry. She’s beautiful – almost doll like, strange (engaged to Russell Brand!) and her style is a bit schizophrenic. I love her retro/pin-up looks but some of her 80s outfits I could do without. I am equally as confused about the ASOS Sequin Sunset Vest Dress that Ms. Perry wore to the CW Network’s 2010 Upfront Presentation in New York last month. I actually kind of love the bright colors and am always partial to sequins but… well, it’s just not something I would ever actually wear. But that’s what makes Katy and I different. She loves bright, over-the-top scene stealers and I… don’t. Also, she is a celebrity and I am not. Regardless, she has a kick ass body and would undoubtedly look hot wearing a garbage bag. The End.

Katy Perry wearing an ASOS Sequin Sunset Vest Dress

Our Rating: ★★★½☆

Who? Katy Perry
Where? CW Network’s 2010 Upfront Presentation, New York
When? May 20, 2010
What? ASOS Sequin Sunset Vest Dress

ASOS Sequin Sunset Vest Dress

ASOS Sequin Sunset Vest Dress

ASOS Sequin Sunset Vest Dressls
($109.91, ASOS)


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