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Update: This post has been updated on August 23, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

You know green is my all-time favorite color for as long as I can remember. And even though it’s not as prominent in my wardrobe as it was when I was a child, I still have a soft spot for everything green. So imagine my delight when Christian Louboutin came out with these suede ankle strap pumps this summer. It was like good meets better. What’s not so good about these? Yeah, the price obviously.

Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule Knotted Platform Pumps in green suede

Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule Knotted Platform Pumpsls
($895, Neiman Marcus)

Celebrities Love Christian Louboutin

Fergie, Elisa Sednaoui and Victoria Beckham wearing suede Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule Knotted Platform Pumps

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Wet Seal Knot Peep-toe Heels

UPDATE (08/23/2011): Stumbled upon another CL look-a-like which is available at Wet Seal and is super duper cheap at only $26.50.

Wet Seal Knot Peep-toe Heels in red faux suede (Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule knockoffs)

Wet Seal Knot Peep-toe Heelsls
($26.50, Wet Seal)

Charles Albert New 2064 Open-Toe Pumps

UPDATE (05/25/2011): Woot woot, found this amazing and super cheap Loubie look-a-like by Charles Albert. And I like the fire red color here so much more than the green! They’re faux suede, but you can’t expect too much quality for this price. So, if you’re in need for some guilt-free retail therapy…

Charles Albert New 2064 Open-Toe Pumps in red faux suede (Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule knockoffs)

Charles Albert New 2064 Open-Toe Pumpsamazon
($34.95, Amazon)

Topshop “LOIS” Suede Knot Detail Platform Sandals

UPDATE (03/25/2011): Here’s another great Louboutin alternative coming from Topshop. Available in orange, light grey and pink suede.

Topshop "LOIS" Suede Knot Detail Platform Sandals in orange, taupe and fuchsia suede (Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule knockoffs)

Topshop “LOIS” Suede Knot Detail Platform Sandalsls
($130, Topshop)

Miss KG “Honolulu” Ankle Strap Sandals

UPDATE (03/25/2011): Just came across these Loubie knockoffs by Miss KG. They are available in either red or nude suede as pictured below.

Miss KG "Honolulu" Ankle Strap Sandals in red and nude suede (Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule knockoffs)

Miss KG “Honolulu” Ankle Strap Sandalsls
(£45, Kurt Geiger)

Butter “Stanley” Ankle-Strap Pumps

Butter have obviously taken a lot cues from Monsieur Louboutin for their “Stanley” ankle strap pumps. The knotted detail, the ankle strap, the material, the color, well, they basically copied everything except for the platform which is not as high. They are quite expensive for what we’d normal post as an alternative, but if you can’t get hold of the real thing and have a little extra cash to spend these here are the next best thing. And if you happen not to be a fan of the limey color, these also come in magenta, pink and powder suede as well as gold and silver metallic leather.

Butter "Stanley" Ankle-Strap Pumps in green suede (Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule knockoffs)

Butter “Stanley” Ankle-Strap Pumpsamazon
($74.99, Amazon)


So how freakin’ amazing are Christian Louboutin‘s “Daffodile” pumps in watersnake jade? Just look at Fergie and Queen B. owning it in these turquoise beauties. Now the problem with these killer heels is that they’re almost impossible to get hold if you’re not…well…Fergie or Beyoncé and even if you were to get your hands on these, paying these would probably result in a kamikaze mission to your budget (we don’t know the exact price, but suspect it lies anywhere between 3-6k). But fear not, we found a great alternative that’s stylish and affordable. Do you approve?

Get The Look 4 Less - Fergie's & Beyoncé's Turquoise Louboutin Pumps

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Gianni Bini “Major” Pumps

UPDATE (06/14/2010): Just came across another great alternative if you want textured turquoise pumps à la Louboutin. This one’s by Gianni Bini and it also comes in black or white lizard print.

Gianni Bini "Major" Pumps in turquoise

Gianni Bini “Major” Pumpsls
($79.99, Dillard’s)


I have to admit, I sing in the shower. I sing in my car. I even sing and dance (yes, I can bust a few moves) in front of the mirror. That’s right, I’m a closet wannabe rocker chick! Wow, to be able to sing and move a crowd must be a fantastic feeling! But since I’ve never earned a dollar or hell, one peso by singing, I will settle for dressing like a rocker chick. And where are my earplugs? Because these Giuseppe Zanotti ridiculously embellished, rhinestones-on-steroids booties are practically screaming in my ear – BUY ME! Um, not so much. Unless you really do make your living entertaining hundreds of thousands in sold-out arenas, then $1.630 for a pair of shoes is a drop in the bucket. But for the rest of us “wannabes”, boy, do I have a surprise for you… go on, keep singing, I mean, reading.

Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties in black

Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties
($1.630, SOLD OUT)

Celebrities Love Giuseppe Zanotti

Ciara, Beyoncé Knowles & Cassie wearing black Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Rhinestone Booties

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Riplay Succi-01 Rhinestone Booties

HOT DEAL: Use coupon code “INTHEIRCLOSET” to get 10% OFF your order!

Let’s take it to the bridge… ooh la la! Rock on Riplay – dude, this is good stuff! I may sing off-key, but these booties hit all the right notes. They aren’t as gluttonous with the rhinestones as the Zanottis and yet there’s still a bunch of bling but for a lot less money – only $74.95 (actually $67.46 after you use our exclusive coupon code above)! So girls, put down Guitar Hero and go be a heel hero instead. Get yourself a hot LBD like Beyoncé and rock it like a diva!

Riplay Succi-01 Rhinestone Booties in black (Giuseppe Zanotti Kama knockoffs)

Riplay Succi-01 Rhinestone Booties
($74.95, Ms. Heel)


When a celebrity lends her/his name to a low priced fashion collaboration you’ll usually have a hard time catching them wearing the stuff after the launch of the line (Paris Hilton and her shoe line, anyone?). Fergie however shows us that she does in fact approve of the products from her shoe brand namesake “Fergie” by continously wearing some of the designs out in public. Her latest obsession seem to be the “Barter” mesh platform heel which is very much in line with Fergie’s Rock’n’Roll signature style. Best thing about those rocker heels? They’re pretty light on the budget with a price tag of only $109.95!

Fergie wearing black Fergie "Barter" Platform Sandals

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Fergie “Barter” Platform Sandals

Fergie "Barter" Platform Sandals in black

Fergie “Barter” Platform Sandalsamazon
($109.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoes.comls & FergieShoes.comls.

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Mmmmmm, what a fab little dress to wear when you want to look sexy for the summer time! I love the way Anna Faris wore the dress with some strappy platforms. And Jessica Simpson looks great in the Michael Kors dress as well. I just wish her headlights weren’t blazing and I’d be okay with the look. So, priced at $1.295 and sold out we have another alternative!

Michael Kors Ladder Stripe Tank Dress in red and navy

Michael Kors Ladder Stripe Tank Dressls
($1.295, Neiman Marcus)

Celebrities Love Michael Kors

Jessica Simpson and Anna Faris wearing a red and navy Michael Kors Ladder Stripe Tank Dress

Who wore Michael Kors better?

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Topshop Stripe Pencil Skirt

Okay, so maybe its not the full look, but the best part about the Michael Kors dress is the length! And this Topshop skirt can be so cute if you match it correctly with a fitted tank! Definitely a sexy summer look and priced at only $66 you can get the same nautical look without spending over a grand!

Topshop Stripe Pencil Skirt in red and navy (Michael Kors knockoff)

Topshop Stripe Pencil Skirtls
($66, Topshop)


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