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A few days ago we gave you the inside scoop on SJP‘s white jersey dress which she wore on the film set of Sex and the City 2 last September. If you can’t afford spending a fortune on the real deals, see our look 4 less below for a more affordable approach on Carrie’s summery look.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a white Halston Heritage V-Neck Jersey Dress

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Who? Sarah Jessica Parker
Where? On the set of “Sex and the City 2”
When? September 1, 2009
What? Halston Heritage White V-Neck Jersey Dress in white, Christian Louboutin Pigalle Crystal Encrusted Stiletto Pumps in gold, Chanel clutch & Solange Azagury-Partridge “Random” necklace

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Look 4 Less

Sarah Jessica Parker's White Dress Look 4 Less (Sex and the City 2)

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Celebrity Look 4 Less – Nicole Richie in D&G

by Vahni on January 24, 2010

White lace is not an easy thing to wear if you’re past age 12 and not a bride, but in this demure but tarty dress by D&G, Nicole Richie proves that it can be done. And her black heels and clutch keep the look modern and not-too-sweet.

Nicole Richie wearing a white D&G Spring 2006 lace mini dress

Our Rating: ★★★★½

Who? Nicole Richie
Where? 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival Opening Night
When? Jun 22, 2006
What? D&G Spring 2006 lace dress

Blaque Label “Sloan” Lace Dress

Replicate Nicole’s look this spring with an ultra-girlie lace dress by Blaque Label. This dress—a bargain at $148—is more versatile than you might think. Of course, it can be worn on its own in warmer months with any accent color you’d like. But you can also throw a blazer or trench over it, add some black tights and booties, and wear it well before the Easter candy starts showing up in your local store.

Blaque Label "Sloan" Lace Dress in white (D&G Spring 2006 knockoff)

Blaque Label “Sloan” Lace Dressls
($148, Karmaloop)


I have a major girl crush on Zoe Saldana and regularly gush about her various red carpet looks there. The beautiful actress caught my attention last year when she did a promo tour for Star Trek. Her flaming red dress from up-and-coming designer Prabal Gurung which she wore at the Star Trek Germany Premiere in Berlin finally sealed her status on my red carpet favorites top list. I just absolutely loved her look!

Zoe Saldana wearing a red Prabal Gurung Fall 2009 dress

Our Rating: ★★★★★

Who? Zoe Saldana
Where? “Star Trek” Germany Premiere, Berlin
When? April 16, 2009
What? Prabal Gurung Fall 2009 dress, Emilio Pucci Fall 2009 strappy sandals

ABS by Allen Schwartz Large Bow Cocktail Dress

Social Media is crazy sometimes. Today I was browsing eDressMe for their latest arrivals, knowing they regularly feature designer inspired clothes, and it hit me like a hammer when I saw this dress by Allen Schwartz dress which of course instantly reminded me of Zoe’s Prabal Gurung dress (I’m kind of obsessed with either of them). I then tweeted this to Prabal’s twitter account saying he’s apparently gotten so big he’s already being copied. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I saw several retweets including one by Prabal referring to an article on Fashionista.com where the topic of Prabal being copied by ABS had just started (coincidence? I doubt so). Anyway, back to the dress. While I think that being copied is a thing that sooner or later happens to all high fashion labels and is pretty much unavoidable – sometimes even welcomed by fashion followers without a celebrity budget – I clearly draw the line when rip-offs come with unjustified price tags. It’s outright shameless to charge $310 for a dress that is obviously the creative brainchild of someone else. The ridiculously high price also can’t be justified by the fabric used since the dress is 100% Polyester. No way I’d EVER pay that much for such a cheap replica. What do you guys think?

ABS by Allen Schwartz Large Bow Cocktail Dress in red (Prabal Gurung Fall 2009 knockoff)

ABS by Allen Schwartz Large Bow Cocktail Dress
($310, eDressMe)

bebe “Trish” Satin Sandals

bebe did a good job on copying Zoe’s heels. I instantly recognized the inspiration behind these strappy satin sandals. They have a platform and also two straps less than the Emilio Pucci heels, but they still look a lot like Zoe’s heels. If you prefer a funkier version, the shoes come also in various other colors.

bebe Trish Satin Strappy Sandals in black (Emilio Pucci knockoffs)

bebe “Trish” Satin Sandals
($59.99, bebe)


I clearly overuse the word “obsessed” in conjunction with shoes, but OMG! I am so OBSESSED with these spikey studded Givenchy zip sandals. Looking like they’ve been hewn out of obsidian these heels are serious business and can also work as weapons if the situation calls for it. Perfect for the fashionable woman who loves a shiny shoe extraordinaire. One who can handle the price and the attention she’d draw with these punky hedgehogs on.

Givenchy Studded T-Strap Sandals in black

Givenchy Studded T-Strap Sandalsls
($1.750, NET-A-PORTER)

Christine Centenera Loves Givenchy

Christine Centenera is a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia and also a stylist. She has gained quite a bit of momentum lately and been the subject of many fashion and streetstyle blog mentions. As far as my research goes Christine was the only to make a public outing in those Givenchy heels. Love them on her! She looks so dominant yet so sensual. Must be the contrast between the light blue combined with all the spiked studs.

Christine Centenera wearing light blue Givenchy Studded T-Strap Sandals

ZiGiny “Norah” Studded Sandals

If you’re ready to punk up your wardrobe with studded heels à la Christine, but don’t have the budget or vitamin b to afford the real deal, check out these mad Givenchy inspired sandals by ZiGiny. Wearing these will take your style game to the next level and get all people staring at your feet, so you better have a pedi before putting these on. They sure are no Givenchys, but priced at under $30 they are much more of an option than their designer counterparts. Available in either black or pewter.

ZiGiny "Norah" Studded Sandals in black (Givenchy Studded T-Strap knockoffs)

ZiGiny “Norah” Studded Sandalsamazon
($29.99, Amazon)

ALDO “Guerrette” Studded Sandals

I totally forgot about these Givenchy look-a-likes by ALDO. Thanks to Angel for reminding me! They are available in black and grey, but hurry, sizes are limited.

Aldo "GUERRETTE" Studded Sandals in black (Givenchy knockoffs)

ALDO “Guerrette” Studded Sandalsls
($84.98, ALDO)

Charlotte Russe Studded Zipper Platforms

And once again a big thank you to Angel for informing us about yet another pair of Givenchy knockoffs by Charlotte Russe! Available in black, white and light grey.

Charlotte Russe Studded Zipper Platforms in black (Givenchy knockoffs)

Charlotte Russe Studded Zipper Platforms
($39.99, Charlotte Russe)


Real vs. Steal – Balmain Studded Vest

by Irina on January 9, 2010

I noticed I haven’t featured anything Balmain for quite some time. The Balmain craze has calmed down a bit by now though I’m sure there’ll be plenty of knockoffs filling the racks of fast-fashion retailers just in time for spring again. I’m usually not a big fan of vests simply because I don’t think they are overly flattering on a woman’s body. I can’t remember if I have ever bought or even worn a vest in my life yet. The studded vest below however could very well change my attitude towards vests altogether.

Balmain Studded Vest in white

Balmain Studded Vest
($6.064, SOLD OUT)

Beyoncé Knowles Loves Balmain

Beyoncé Knowles wearing a white Balmain Studded Vest

Madison Marcus Endeavor Vest

If you’re a fan of Balmain or studded vests in general, but don’t have $6.000 cash to spare, you might want to give this studded alternative by Madison Marcus a try. While the color is grey and the stud pattern differs slightly, the Balmain inspiration is still pretty evident in this vest. The price of $285 isn’t exactly budget-friendly either, but compared to the real deal a total bargain.

Madison Marcus Endeavor Vest in grey (Balmain knockoff)

Madison Marcus Endeavor Vestcj
($285, Shopbop)


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