Fab Friday 5

Fab Friday 5 – Celine Edition

by Irina on August 6, 2010

I love the idea of Fab Friday 5. All week long I want, I want, I want and then the next week starts and usually I want, I want, I want five new things so this feature is perfect (I’m pretty sure Irina, Vahni and Vanessa are all with me on that one). I initially tried to stick with a theme, but then thought, screw it, my taste is all over the place and that’s OK! There’s some color, some jewelry, some alcohol and some shoes. Here are a few of my favorite things from this week…

Fab Friday 5 - Celine Edition #001

The Breakdown:

  1. LOFT Flutter Silk Dress, $128 – I’ve been obsessed with this dress for the better part of a week. I LOVE how LOFT styled it up with a rugged brown belt. I plan to do the same with mine. Because I obviously have no will power. I planned on waiting for a sale but nope. Too weak.
  2. Baybreeze Cocktail, $5-15 – I thought about including food as one of my FF5 items, but forget it, it’s too hot to think about food. Let’s think about drinks. I mean it is Friday after all, and as they say, it’s always 5pm somewhere. I present the Baybreeze. A delicious, oh so summery drink with vodka, cranberry and pineapple juice. It’s my go-to summer drink.
  3. Anthropologie Higgledy-Piggledy Pencil Skirt, $148 – OK, I know it’s a bazillion degrees out right now, but pretend it’s a cool 55. Now picture yourself wearing this skirt. So cute, right? It probably tops my wish list at the moment and we all know that’s no small feat. I love the asymmetrical buttons. I want to wear this with a silky, flouncy blouse and deep purple tights.
  4. Silver Multi-Chain Shoulder Necklace Harness, $49.99 – I’m know I’m not exactly being cutting edge with this (these shoulder chains have been around since 2009 – duh) but I had to include this because I am currently lusting over body jewelry. I haven’t bought one yet but it’s only because I’m waiting for the perfect one to enter my life. Tick tock…
  5. J.Crew Tilly Satin Two-tone Platform Heels, $325 – J.Crew isn’t necessarily the first place I’d turn to when looking for a new pair of shoes, but I have to admit that I sat in front of my computer drooling over their Fall arrivals. It was hard to choose just one pair to feature here, but I just love these “Tilly” two-tone heels. They will look ah-mazing with colored, patterned tights. I pray for a sale. And now on to the next five!


Fab Friday 5 – Vanessa Edition

by Vanessa on July 30, 2010

When I heard about Fab Fridays, I was psyched. Super psyched. Why? Well, when I love things, I love them hard. Head over heels, obsessive kind of love. If it’s food, I eat it until I can’t look at it anymore. If it’s a type of clothes, I fill my closet with it until it’s out of style. So you can imagine the speed at which I immediately came up with my list… then spent an hour cutting it down.

Fab Friday 5 - Vanessa Edition #001

The Breakdown:

  1. Popbar, NYC, $3.99 – As a kid, I loved ices. As an adult – same story. So of course, Popbar is one of my favorite stops in NYC – fresh made fruit ices and homemade gelato all on a stick with delicious toppings. Definitely try the coconut half dipped in milk chocolate.
  2. Pretty Little Liars – I’m a sucker for a good teenage TV drama and this one lives up to my expectations. Pretty Little Liars is about 4 girls dealing with life, love and the mysterious murder of their best friend. I never thought something on ABC Family could scare me silly!
  3. Magnes Sisters Dancing in the Streets Bag, $312 – I bought this bag in smokey grey as a birthday gift for myself. I said it was for fall. Well, it’s July and 94 degrees and I’ve carried it almost everyday since. The shape is stylish, but professional and unique with great fold-over detail. My iPad slides in perfectly and I love the extendable strap to wear it messenger style.
  4. Keds Champion in Silver Metalliccj, $45 – Just like I swore I’d never wear leggings again… Keds are back, too. I’m loving the Champion style in silver metallic. They look great with dresses and shorts, plus they make we want to hit the playground during recess. Ahhhh, nostalgia!
  5. Rain Couture Rain Bag, $35 – These last few weeks we’ve had some amazing unexpected and brief thunderstorms. I love how the sky can fall for a few minutes and then be back to sunshine. The only problem is when I’m outside with nowhere to stash my designer purse. Rain Couture has seriously saved me this summer! I keep my clear bag inside my expensive bag for these emergency situations.


Fab Friday 5 – Vahni Edition

by Vahni on July 23, 2010

So this is my first Fab Friday 5 post, and I’m totally excited (and not just because it’s Friday)! Every week I come across so many delicious things during my Internet wanderings, and now I finally have a place (and people) to share them with. Hope you enjoy exploring this selection—wishing you all a happy weekend.

Fab Friday 5 - Vahni Edition #001

The Breakdown:

  1. LOLA&BAILEY Long Live McQueen Tote, $49 – A clever—and cheeky—version of the classic expression that is also an homage to one of England’s greatest exports. Originally sourced by notcouture.com.
  2. Vera Wang Lavender “Gabriella” Sandalsls, $425 – Kind of like a shorter version of the oh-so-covetable Gucci Helena boot.
  3. Afterglow Wing Knuckle Duster Ring, $70 – I love a good knuckle duster, and this one in sterling by Afterglow is so cool, don’t you think?
  4. NET-A-PORTER Magazinels, Free! – Even if the prices are beyond your budget, NET-A-PORTER’s online magazine is a visual feast that is chock full of style inspiration. And it’s weekly, so you can get your fashion fill between monthly print issues.
  5. Tory Burch Lucite Cuff in black, $45 – A little avant garde, a little tough girl chic. Buy two and sport them Wonder Woman style, to really make a statment.


Fab Friday 5 – Irina Edition

by Irina on July 16, 2010

TGIF! The InTheirCloset team wants to wish you a happy, happy Friday hopefully to be followed by an equally wonderful and relaxed weekend. Fab Friday 5 will be a new weekly feature where the ITC team members will highlight their favorite 5 things from last week. This week’s my turn. I hope you will enjoy my finds and obsessions.

Fab Friday 5 - Irina Edition #001

The Breakdown:

  1. ModCloth No Predica-mint Belt, $34.99 – I’m currently obsessed with the color mint and have already done a post on my Mint Must-Haves. If I had known about this mint studded belt when I first wrote the post you bet I would’ve included it.
  2. McDonald’s Hot Caramel Sundae, $1 – OK, this is totally unrelated to fashion, but can I just say how much I LOOOVE the hot caramel sundae from McDonald’s? It’s cheap, delicious and your hands are always sticky no matter how much you try not to mess with your ice cream. Perfect summer treat!
  3. ASOS Hinged Metal Armour Ring, $16.85 – Ever since Vahni showed off her kickass BCBG hinged ring I’ve been on what seems an endless hunt for statement finger jewelry. My ultimate Holy Grail of hinged rings would have to be the Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring and I’m already saving up for this $260 obsession (helloooooo birthday present!), but for now this ASOS ring will do.
  4. Zoya Nail Polish in “Charla”amazon, $10 – Nail polish is one of my new found passions and I’ve managed to accumulate quite a nice collection over the last few months. Zoya’s mermaid turquoise “Charla” glitter nail polish from the Sparkle collection is probably the prettiest color I’ve seen this summer. You think it looks awesome in the bottle? Then check out how AHHHHH-MAZ-ING it looks on the nails at All Lacquered Up. Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. ASOS HARBOUR Striped Wedges, $37.06 – OK, you didn’t really think a shoemaniac like me could end a favorites list WITHOUT mentioning at least one pair of shoes, did you? I’m so in love with these summery striped wedges by ASOS. In fact, they were one of the reasons I couldn’t go shopping-free this month as I originally planned to. But how is one supposed to resist a 40% reduction? D’uh!

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