I confess: I. Love. Gucci. Especially the magnificent spring 2010 collection, with its ikat-meets-robot dresses and accessories. Who else could mix tribal, bondage, and mod—and do it so successfully? Apparently Heidi Klum is a fan as well. Let’s not all hate her cause she’s beautiful (even after popping out her own tribe of kids) and in Gucci, OK?

Heidi Klum wearing a blue printed Gucci Spring 2010 mini dress

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Who? Heidi Klum
Where? Project Runway Fall 2010 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York
When? February 12, 2010
What? Gucci Spring 2010 printed dress, Gucci Daryl T-Bar Sandals

Heidi Klum’s Gucci Look 4 Less

Heidi Klum's Gucci Look 4 Less

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Killing me softly with their song, killing me softly… What? Huh? Oh. Sorry, I was having a moment. I could swear I heard the siren song of the Gucci S/S 2010 collection calling my name. And in that same hypnotic moment, I envisioned walking into my closet and seeing Daryl, and Gail, and all my favorite Gucci friends. Sigh.

Gucci Gail Ankle-Cuff Sandals in black

Gucci Gail Ankle-Cuff Sandalsls
($795, Neiman Marcus)

bebe “Shana” Leather Cuffed Platform Sandals

You know what I’m going to write, right? That I’d totally be rocking the Gucci Gail this very moment if only they weren’t $795. But as such, they are relegated to my footwear fantasies. So again, we turn to bebe, which has become quite the reliable source for designer-inspired shoes. The Shana Leather Cuffed Platform Sandals vary slightly compared to Gucci’s Gail, but they still have the same impact. Not for the weak at heart, no they aren’t. So should you decide to throw caution to the wind and strut these 5.75-inchers, at least the price tag won’t give you heart palpitations. Available in black and white.

bebe Shana Leather Cuffed Platform Sandals in black (Gucci Gail knockoffs)

bebe “Shana” Leather Cuffed Platform Sandalspjx
($149, bebe)

Image source(s): Saks, bebe


OMG. That stands for Oh. My. GUCCI! And oh, the hotness…Daryl, will you marry me? I am sick for this platform from the Gucci S/S 2010 collection. I mean, what else can I say, other than I think I need a cold shower? And so will anyone in the vicinity of a broad in these bodacious bondage-like shoes. Meeeeeeowwww, mama!

Gucci Daryl Platform Sandals in black

Gucci Daryl Platform Sandalsls
($930, Neiman Marcus)

Celebrities Love Gucci

Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez & Gemma Arterton wearing Gucci Daryl Platform Sandals

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bebe “Lily” Leather Cutout Sandals

So why don’t I already own the Gucci Daryl? There are 930 reasons why, namely 930 George Washingtons that aren’t staring back at me from my wallet. I tell you, writing for this site is really going to get me in trouble because…look at that, whaddya know…our trusty friends at Bebe have produced the “Lily” Leather Cutout Sandal, a near replica. That I must buy. And at $149, you’re probably thinking the same thing, too. Hurry though—I’m betting they won’t last long.

bebe Lily Leather Cutout Sandals in black (Gucci Daryl knockoffs)

bebe “Lily” Leather Cutout Sandalspjx
($149, bebe)

Image source(s): Saks, bebe

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Update: This post has been updated on January 15, 2010. Scroll down to see the new adds.

I never wrote that much about Gucci clothes or shoes before because basically I never cared about their line nor did it ever appeal to me. This season however their women’s footwear range is just mindblowing and I’m beyond obsessed with their sky-high platform high heels. So dangerous! It doesn’t come as a surprise that the name of these platform peep-toe booties is “Kills” because whoa! they’re definitely KILLER! You know what kills me besides? Their price tag. $990 isn’t exactly pocket change.

Gucci Kills Peep-toe Platform Ankle Booties in black

Gucci Kills Peep-toe Platform Bootiesls
($990, Bergdorf Goodman)

Celebrities Love Gucci

Leighton Meester, Mariah Carey, Salma Hayek, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lindsay Lohan wearing black Gucci Kills Peep-toe Platform Booties

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bebe “Trista” Peep-toe Ankle Boots

UPDATE (01/15/2010): Our new team member Vahni discovered these fabulous Gucci look-a-likes by bebe. Available in black and grey snakeskin (on sale!).

bebe "Trista" Peep-toe Ankle Boots in black (Gucci Kills knockoffs)

bebe “Trista” Peep-toe Ankle Bootspjx
($149, bebe)

Charlotte Russe Peep-toe Booties

UPDATE (01/15/2010): And here’s another budget-friendly Gucci alternative by Charlotte Russe.

Charlotte Russe Peep-toe Booties in black (Gucci Kills knockoffs)

Charlotte Russe Peep-toe Booties
($39.99, Charlotte Russe)

Steve Madden “BELINA” Platform Booties

Thank God for Steve Madden who once more proves with these Gucci knockoffs that he’s still on top of the copycat game. If you crave these booties as much as I do, make sure to take advantage of the sale and these booties will cost you $59.98 only instead of the regular $120. Most sizes are still available!

Steve Madden "BELINA" Open-toe Platform Booties in black (Gucci Kills knockoffs)

Steve Madden “BELINA” Platform Bootiesls
($59.98, Steve Madden)


With shoes, it’s like that: the more the merrier and the higher the better. Almost every outfit can be stepped up a notch if worn with a pair of high heels. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and you’ll see I’m right. Your legs will look leaner and longer and your whole posture will improve. Anyway… while I’ve never been much of a Gucci fan, I must admit I’ve been quite pleased (OK, more like obsessed) with their footwear range for Fall 2009. Especially with these triple platform stiletto platforms. So dangerous and surely super hard to walk in.

Gucci Division Triple Platform Pumps in black patent

Gucci Division Triple Platform Pumpsls
($750, Saks)

Celebrities Love Gucci

Victoria Beckham, Camilla Belle, Lindsay Lohan and Claire Danes wearing black patent Gucci Division Triple Platform Pumps

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ALDO “Fogler” Platform Pumps

I first read about these Gucci inspired pumps by ALDO on Rachel Zoe’s website, so the finder’s credit goes out to her. They might not be quite as delicate as the Gucci heels, but at $125 they’re a great alternative if buying the real deal is out of question. Also available in grey and purple.

ALDO "Fogler" Platform Pumps in black patent (Gucci Division knockoffs)

ALDO “Fogler” Platform Pumpsamazon
($125, Amazon)

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