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While doing my usual blog tour I discovered this great post by Refinery29 where they gave advice on the perfect outfit for a job interview and I loved the featured look so much I had to give it my own “budget look” spin. The combination of red, white and navy is so refreshing yet the outfit still looks work-appropriate and professional (I opted to include a knee-length skirt though). Especially great for any interviews in the creative department.

Budget Look - The Perfect Outfit For A Job Interview (Inspired by Refinery29)

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Image source(s): Refinery29, Macy’s, EXPRESS, 6pm

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Budget Look – Bright Eyed Girl

by Irina on April 18, 2011

After doing a post on neon pink shoes I felt really inspired to do a budget look featuring bright solid colors (very on trend for S/S 2011). I love the combination of the hot pink dress and the cold blue hue of the pumps. The turquoise jewelry gives an additional pop of color while the bag mutes the look a bit. My tip: match your mani and pedi to your dress and you’ll be a perfect, fabulous 10/10!

Budget Look - Bright Eyed Girl

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Budget Look – Welcoming Spring!

by Irina on April 6, 2011

So my recent “Budget Looks” haven’t been really budget-friendly, but I will still say it is one as long as each item is considerably affordable on its own. Which I think is the case in this look. I’m just loving this beautiful floral sheath dress and while florals might not be too groundbreaking to wear in Spring, it’s a proven, timeless trend that’ll still have its place in fashion 50 years from now, so who cares if it’s an obvious outfit choice?

Budget Look - Welcoming Spring!

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Budget Look – Anchors Away!

by Irina on March 13, 2011

Spring time is the perfect time to get your nautical on! Personally, I’m a big fan of anything nautical because I grew up on the coast line, so anything with navy stripes or anchors on it is a win in my book. I felt like doing a look based on the nautical theme today and while the result may not be exactly a “budget” look, most of the items are relatively affordable on their own. Gotta love Topshop for those amazing red-navy-white platform sandals, right? I’m totally obsessed with them.

Budget Look - Anchors Away!

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Image source(s): Topshop, Ulta, Amazon

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Budget Look – Cruise 2011

by Irina on January 8, 2011

I have to admit this ain’t my best budget look in terms of the “budget” part; because this outfit sums up to a whopping $357.70. However, each item is rather affordable on its own, so I figured I’d still publish it as a “Budget Look“. For the styling part of this outfit I’m quite proud of myself. I know self-praise is socially frowned upon, but I can’t help but keep staring at my own creation here. I’d love to wear this look head-to-toe, it’s quintessentially what I’d call a typical cruise look: a crisp white dress, oversized shades, turquoise accessories with gold accents, summery wedges, fun nail polish and a little bronzer to round it off. What do you think of it?

Budget Look - Cruise 2011

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