It seems the fabulous Beyoncé Knowles was spotted wearing a Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Two-Tone Polka Dot Knit Dress on the streets of Paris looking ever so chic. What really makes this ensemble work for her is the overall silhouette – the pencil skirt and blouse definitely give off the perfect sexy-librarian vibe. But what really pulls a look like this together is the effortless looking updo, romantic accessories, and gorgeous textured bag to add a bit of luxury and mystery to the equation. Ready to recreate this look for yourself? Start with a top and skirt with the same pattern, but in different colors and don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories to keep from looking too tightly wound. In this case, it’s quite refreshing to see a few hairs out of place. Add to that peep-toe pumps and some bohemian-style earrings, and you have an outfit that looks both young and sophisticated. When in Paris, after all.

Beyoncé Knowles’ Marc Jacobs Look 4 Less

Beyoncé Knowles' Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Dress Look 4 Less

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Who? Beyoncé Knowles
Where? Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere in Paris, France
When? April 24, 2011
What? Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Two-Tone Polka Dot Knit Dress, Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Platform Pumpsls ($945)


I usually don’t fall prey to the hype that surrounds beauty-related limited editions, but Chanel‘s holiday collection “Éclats du soir de Chanel” has got me obsessed! Admittedly, it’s not too hard to fall for Chanel, but it’s even easier when you love their cosmetic line which I do. Actually, the 3 basics that I use daily in my makeup routine are all by Chanel: 1. The incredible MAT LUMIÈREls which has been my #1 go-to foundation for more than five years. 2. The “INIMITABLEls” mascara which works miracles on my lashes and is the only high-end mascara I didn’t regret buying. 3. The IRÉELLEamazon blush in “70 – Incognito” – one of the few blushes I find flattering for my skin tone. But now let’s take a look at the collection…


“Éclats du soir de Chanel” is available at NORDSTROMls & Bergdorf Goodmanls.

What I love most about this holiday collection is the dark velvety lipstick (307 – L’IMPATIENTE) and the red black shimmering nail polish (637 – MALICE). Didn’t I tell you oxblood would be a huge beauty trend in Fall 2012? I’ll probably end up buying both of these products twice so I can also gift them for christmas to one of my makeup loving friends.


With all the glitzy holiday parties just around the corner, how wonderful would it be to snag this red carpet look from non other than the lovely Charlize Theron? It’s the perfect modern ball gown with its sleek silhouette, deep V-neckline, and its absolutely perfect bow detail at the waist. The dress falls somewhere between goddess and princess and the accessories really pull it all together. The trick to looking polished instead of in costume is choosing the right shoes, bag, jewelry and headwear. Charlize nails this 1920’s style for the 21st century by pairing her stunning gown with minimal nude heels giving off a hint of shimmer, a beautiful antique looking brooch at the waist, and a gorgeous headband that gives a nod to the Gatsby-inspired outfit. Wondering how you can pull this off for your upcoming gala? Take a peek at some of the budget-friendly finds we’ve found below.

Charlize Theron’s Golden Globes Look 4 Less

Charlize Theron's Golden Globes Look 4 Less

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Our Rating: ★★★★★

Who? Charlize Theron
Where? 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Los Angeles
When? January 15, 2012
What? Christian Dior Couture Dress and Givenchy Ankle Strap Sandals ($1.055)


Halloween Costume Idea – The Stylish Ladybug

by Irina on October 22, 2012

With Halloween coming up soon, we thought it’d be fun to share a few of our favorite costume ideas. If you are anything like us and hate tossing money out on disposable, cheap-looking costumes every year, then consider this idea on how to dress up for the spookiest time of the year: Buy things that will create a theme together, but which can all be worn separately as well. Our first costume inspiration following this idea is “The Stylish Ladybug” – a look that is, in all, just the right amount of costumey without being over-the-top. And once Halloween is over you can keep all of the items in your closet and make them part of your everyday wardrobe as they’re both fashionable and versatile. What do you think? Do you like our ladybug look for Halloween?

The Stylish Ladybug

Halloween Costume Idea - The Stylish Ladybug

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Olivia Palermo always looks fabulous and this look is no exception. I just love the way she paired two bold jewel tones (emerald and citrine) and made them look fantastic together. If I had to guess, I’d say the secret is the neutral basics she wore with them. The soft charcoal grey sweater softens the overall look and her handbag and accessories all compliment her skin and hair color. And then instead of the usual jewelry (like earrings or a necklace) she went for the unexpected brooches worn on her blazer’s collar. Vintage pieces like these are actually not very hard to find these days, with flea markets and antiques turning up many fun sparklers for just a few dollars. Of course, you can always get creative and repurpose some 1950’s shoe clips or clip-on earrings into a whole new look! The only thing left to finish off the outfit is some sassy red nail polish and a gold bracelet and watch. Ready to try it for yourself? Have fun shopping our awesome steals below!

Olivia Palermo’s Green Blazer & Yellow Jeans Look 4 Less

Olivia Palermo's Emerald Green REISS Blazer & Yellow Jeans Look 4 Less

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Our Rating: ★★★★½

Who? Olivia Palermo
Where? Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show in London, England
When? September 18, 2012
What? REISS Rosalie Double Breasted Blazer ($425)


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