Whenever I find myself getting bored with fashion (and let’s be honest: after 6 years of fashion blogging this is something that is inevitably going to happen from time to time), I either load up Pinterest or Instagram to combat the fashion blue and where I then spend countless hours browsing one image after another in order to reignite my love for all things fashion and recharge me with new ideas and fresh inspiration. Oh, the pitfalls of social media! To cut a long story short: during my last time hunting on Pinterest for new content ideas, I stumbled upon a pinned image featuring a woman wearing a gorgeous taupe tulle skirt and it was love at first sight. My research regarding obtaining said gorgeous taupe tulle skirt revealed that it was a handmade, long sold-out tulle skirt someone once had listed on Etsy. Yeah, story of my life. So I carried on with my life and had almost forgotten about that tulle skirt already when suddenly, yesterday I happened to browse Chicwish‘s newest arrivals and there it was: a fluffy, taupe tulle skirt looking almost exactly like the one shown in the pin. And it was available! For only $50! Needless to say I just *had* to recreate the whole look in the picture with that gorgeous new tulle skirt I so newly discovered. You like it?

Pinspiration - Taupe Tulle Skirt Look 4 Less

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Image source(s): Pinterest, Chicwish, H&M, ASOS, Amazon, BaubleBar, ULTA

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What I love about style blogger Rachel from Pink Peonies is that she isn’t afraid of color. And ever since I saw her in these vivid cobalt blue pants I knew I had to recreate her fabulous look on a more accessible budget level. Et voilà! Here’s the result. Do you like it? Is it close enough to Rachel’s outfit?

Rachel’s Cobalt Blue Pants Look 4 Less

Style Blogger Look 4 Less - While in Vegas @ Pink Peonies

Outfit Picture via Pink Peonies

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Image source(s): Pink Peonies, SheInside, Topshop, Forever 21, BaubleBar, Macy’s, Sally Beauty Supply


I really don’t want to kiss summer goodbye, but fall is officially around the corner. And a seasonal change often means what? Of course: color shifts and a new wardrob! Below I’ve put together a fall outfit with some of my favorite fall essentials in the usual autumny, earthy tones. You like it? What are your favorite items to wear in the fall?

Camel, Suede, Denim & Camouflage

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Image source(s): Dillard’s, Sole Society, Zappos, ASOS, NORDSTROM


Shoes will always be my first love, but occasionally I will stray a little and fall for a nice handbag. Such as this absolutely gorgeous statement clutch by Clare V.! I love the boldness of the leopard print and, as you can see from the picture below, you can either let the bag stand out by itself or pair it with other statement pieces to achieve a more dramatic look. At $220, it’s not a super expensive splurge, but it ain’t exactly budget-friendly either.

Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Leopard Print Fold Over Clutch

Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Leopard Print Fold Over Clutchcj
($220, Shopbop)

P.S.: Also available at Piperlimecj, NET-A-PORTER (US)ls, NET-A-PORTER (International)ls & REVOLVEClothingcj.

Style Bloggers Love Clare V.

Style bloggers such as Rachel from Pink Peonies has been spotted wearing Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Leopard Print Fold Over Clutch various times on her blog.

Rachel (Pink Peonies) carrying a Clare V. Supreme Haircalf Leopard Print Fold Over Clutch

Pictures via Pink Peonies.

Tony Bianco “Malibu” Cheetah Print Pony Hair Fold Over Clutch

While browsing through Tony Bianco‘s new arrivals recently, I discovered this pony hair fold over clutch and had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t looking at the Clare V. original. Sure, TB’s “Malibu” clutch isn’t that much cheaper than the real deal, but it’s still about $60 less and if you live in Australia it’s definitely more convenient to buy this one than order the original from overseas.

Tony Bianco "Malibu" Cheetah Print Pony Hair Fold Over Clutch (Clare V Supreme knockoff)

Tony Bianco “Malibu” Cheetah Print Pony Hair Fold Over Clutch
($159.95 AUD, Tony Bianco)

Image source(s): Shopbop, Pink Peonies, Tony Bianco

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Real vs. Steal – Céline Trio Bag

by Irina on August 25, 2014

UPDATE: This post has been updated on August 25, 2014. Scroll down to see the new add.

What is it about Céline handbags that makes me want to hand out my credit card, close my eyes and say: “But please, be gentle!“? I don’t know whether it’s the hype surrounding the French fashion house or the countless style bloggers toting around Céline beauties on their arm, but for some reason Céline bags have that enviable “je ne sais quoi“-factor that draws me to them. Not that I am anywhere in the position to actually buy a Céline bag right now. But not now doesn’t mean never, right? But until then, I’ll have to settle for a budget-friendly Céline Trio alternative, I guess.

Céline Trio Bag in red

Céline Trio BageBay
(~$1.500, eBay)

Celebrities & Style Bloggers Love Céline

Celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Kourtney Kardashian and style bloggers such as Chiara from The Blonde Salad and Ashley from Ring My Bell have all been spotted carrying Céline Trio Bag.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley (Ring My Bell), Chiara (The Blonde Salad), Katy Perry, Mandy Moore and Kourtney Kardashian carrying a Céline Trio Bag

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Old Navy Crossbody Bag

UPDATE (08/25/2014): Spotted these fabulous Céline Trio alternatives at Old Navy today. These only have two instead of three compartments like the real deal, but for under $30 who cares? I especially love that the bag comes in a beautiful cobalt blue. Soooo pretty! Also available in red, black and dark brown faux leather.

Old Navy Crossbody Bag in blue, red and black faux leather (Céline Trio knockoffs)

Old Navy Crossbody Bagcj
($29.94, Old Navy)

Jessica Buurman “AZUKA” Multifunctional Clutch Bag

UPDATE (05/27/2014): Just stumbled upon this cute red baggie at Jessica Buurman which instantly reminded me of the Céline Trio bag. Available in either red, blue or black.

Jessica Buurman "AZUKA" Multifunctional Clutch Bag in red (Céline Trio knockoff)

Jessica Buurman “AZUKA” Multifunctional Clutch Bag
($55, Jessica Buurman)

Forever 21 Modernist Multi-Compartment Crossbody Bag

UPDATE (05/15/2014): One of our fabulous readers alerted us of this lovely and budget-friendly Céline Trio bag dupe at Forever 21. Available in red, black or ivory faux leather for $14.99 only (sale price)!

Forever 21 Modernist Multi-Compartment Crossbody Bag in red and black (Céline Trio knockoff)

Forever 21 Modernist Multi-Compartment Crossbody Bagls
($14.99, Forever 21)

P.S.: Also available at Forever 21 (Canada)ls, Forever 21 (UK)ls & Forever 21 (EU).

Apt.9 Triple Zipper Crossbody Bag

And the first one’s a total winner, right? These cute faux leather bags by Apt. 9 are a close match to the pricey Céline designer original yet they are currently on sale for a very wallet-friendly $13.99! Steal deal alert, woot woot! At this price, I’d probably get one in every color.

Apt.9 Triple Zipper Crossbody Bag in red, black, tan and silver (Céline Trio knockoffs)

Apt.9 Triple Zipper Crossbody Bagls
($13.99, Kohl’s)

MICHAEL Michael Kors “Bedford Gusset” Crossbody Bag

If you’re looking for a real leather option and are are ready to invest considerably more, then this triple zipper crossbody by MICHAEL Michael Kors is a great Céline Trio alternative. $179 seems like a lot for such a small bag, but it’s still better than $1.500, right? Sadly, the best colors are already sold out including my personal favorite, a beautiful cobalt blue huels! Boohoo! Waiting for a restock on this!

MICHAEL Michael Kors "Bedford Gusset" Crossbody Bag in red coral (Céline Trio knockoff)

MICHAEL Michael Kors “Bedford Gusset” Crossbody Bagamazon
($179, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at CUSPls, Neiman Marcusls & Michael Korsls.

Annabel Ingall “Jojo” Crossbody Bag

If you’re really dedicated to the look of Céline’s Trio bag but simply cannot spend as much, here’s another fabulous but also quite pricey designer bag alternative by Annabel Ingall which retails for $320. Size, color and shape of the bag are almost identical to the Trio, but the “Jojo” bag has an extra crossover strap.

Annabel Ingall "Jojo" Crossbody Bag (Céline Trio knockoff)

Annabel Ingall “Jojo” Crossbody Bagcj
($320, REVOLVEClothing)

P.S.: Also available at Shopbopcj & Bloomingdale’sls.


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