Copycat Math – Chanel + Céline = Ash

by Irina on October 14, 2014

Copycat Math - Chanel Boy Chain + Céline Trio Bag = Ash Domino

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P.S.: The Ash “Domino” Chain Cross Body Bag can also be purchased at Bloomingdale’sls.

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UPDATE: This post has been updated on October 5, 2014. Scroll down to see the new add.

Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” – must be screamed with as much passion as Marlon Brando does in the classic movie, A Streetcar Named Desire. Stella McCartney please, unchain my heart and wallet from this gorgeous bag you’ve designed! But, my dear and fellow vegan, more than a thousand dollars for a bag that’s not even real leather? Ummm, on what planet does this happen? Oh yeah… how could I forget, the planet named Hollywood!

Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-trimmed Bag in black

Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-Trimmed Tote Bagls
($1.295, Neiman Marcus)

P.S.: Also available at Bergdorf Goodmanls, farfetchls, NORDSTROMls & Saksls.

Celebrities Love Stella McCartney

Kate Walsh, Diane Kruger, Kim Kardashian, Stella McCartney, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson carrying a black Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-trimmed Bag

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Steve Madden “BTOTALLY” Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag

UPDATE (10/05/2014): OMG! OMG! OMG! I think I might have found the most perfect Stella McCartney Falabella dupe! Check out the super fabulous “BTOTALLY” chain-trimmed faux leather tote by Steve Madden which comes in an array of lovely colors, prints and uppers and retails for $108. I’m beyond obsessed with the cobalt blue version! So hot! Use promo code “SHOPOCT” to save 15% off $100+ or 20% off orders of $150 or more including free shipping. Some exclusions apply. Offer ends 10/31/2014.

Steve Madden "BTOTALLY" Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag in black, blue, blush and grey (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Steve Madden “BTOTALLY” Chain-Trimmed Tote Bagls
($108, Steve Madden)

Jennifer Lopez “Gloria” Curb-Chain Laced Tote

UPDATE (07/30/2014): Now look who’s turned to Stella McCartney for some inspiration for her own celebrity line? It’s Jennifer Lopez, everyone!

Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Jennifer Lopez “Gloria” Curb-Chain Laced Totels
($65.40, Kohl’s)

EXPRESS Chain Wrapped Hobo Bag

UPDATE (10/02/2013): At EXPRESS you’ll also find a great Stella McCartney Falabella bag alternative for under $80! And it’s also made out of faux leather!

EXPRESS Chain Wrapped Hobo Bag in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

EXPRESS Chain Wrapped Hobo Bagcj
($79.90, EXPRESS)

Inzi Chain Border Tote

UPDATE (04/15/2013): And here’s another great Falabella alternative available in either black, blush, silver or pewter by Inzi. Price point: $88.95! Yay!

Inzi Chain Border Tote in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Inzi Chain Border Totepjx
($88.95, Lori’s)

ShoeDazzle “Picton” Chain Tote Bag

UPDATE (02/08/2013): Just stumbled upon these fabulous Falabella look-a-likes by ShoeDazzle. I love all the beautiful colors (btw, did you know emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2013? *hinthint*)!

ShoeDazzle "Picton" Chain Tote Bag in emerald green, black and purple (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

ShoeDazzle “Picton” Chain Tote Bag
($35.16, ShoeDazzle)

ModCloth On the Brink of Something Bag

Now this is more like it! ModCloth‘s version is only $89.99. Finally, a faux leather bag without the price tag of fine Italian leather. So when you ask yourself, “Where’s the beef?” – It’ll be located inside your wallet from all the money you saved!

ModCloth On the Brink of Something Bag in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

ModCloth On the Brink of Something Bag
($89.99, ModCloth)

Spiegel Foldover Bag with Chains

OK girls, forget foldover, I’m bowled over by Spiegel‘s version of Stella’s bag! Honestly, I wasn’t really feelin’ this look. But… it’s official; I’m now part of the “chain gang” because of this very creative and economical 2-for-1 design. A shoulder bag and a clutch? SOLD!

Spiegel Foldover Bag with Chains in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Spiegel Foldover Bag with Chains
($49, Spiegel)


Whenever I find myself getting bored with fashion (and let’s be honest: after 6 years of fashion blogging this is something that is inevitably going to happen from time to time), I either load up Pinterest or Instagram to combat the fashion blue and where I then spend countless hours browsing one image after another in order to reignite my love for all things fashion and recharge me with new ideas and fresh inspiration. Oh, the pitfalls of social media! To cut a long story short: during my last time hunting on Pinterest for new content ideas, I stumbled upon a pinned image featuring a woman wearing a gorgeous taupe tulle skirt and it was love at first sight. My research regarding obtaining said gorgeous taupe tulle skirt revealed that it was a handmade, long sold-out tulle skirt someone once had listed on Etsy. Yeah, story of my life. So I carried on with my life and had almost forgotten about that tulle skirt already when suddenly, yesterday I happened to browse Chicwish‘s newest arrivals and there it was: a fluffy, taupe tulle skirt looking almost exactly like the one shown in the pin. And it was available! For only $50! Needless to say I just *had* to recreate the whole look in the picture with that gorgeous new tulle skirt I so newly discovered. You like it?

Pinspiration - Taupe Tulle Skirt Look 4 Less

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Image source(s): Pinterest, Chicwish, H&M, ASOS, Amazon, BaubleBar, ULTA

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What I love about style blogger Rachel from Pink Peonies is that she isn’t afraid of color. And ever since I saw her in these vivid cobalt blue pants I knew I had to recreate her fabulous look on a more accessible budget level. Et voilà! Here’s the result. Do you like it? Is it close enough to Rachel’s outfit?

Rachel’s Cobalt Blue Pants Look 4 Less

Style Blogger Look 4 Less - While in Vegas @ Pink Peonies

Outfit Picture via Pink Peonies

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Image source(s): Pink Peonies, SheInside, Topshop, Forever 21, BaubleBar, Macy’s, Sally Beauty Supply


I really don’t want to kiss summer goodbye, but fall is officially around the corner. And a seasonal change often means what? Of course: color shifts and a new wardrob! Below I’ve put together a fall outfit with some of my favorite fall essentials in the usual autumny, earthy tones. You like it? What are your favorite items to wear in the fall?

Camel, Suede, Denim & Camouflage

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Image source(s): Dillard’s, Sole Society, Zappos, ASOS, NORDSTROM


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