Real vs. Steal – Casadei 6822 Criss Cross Sandals

by Erica on June 18, 2011

There is something really sexy about wearing a criss cross sandal, and who wouldn’t love the Casadei 6822 Criss Cross Sandal? I really love it in the black so that way you can really see the design of the shoe. But, honestly, I’m not going to spend €580 which is approx. $834… I’m 100% sure that we can come up with a much better deal here!

Casadei 6822 Criss Cross Sandals in black and beige

Casadei 6822 Criss Cross Sandalsamazon

Fergie “Sanibel” Backzip Sandals

I actually really like this steal by Fergie! Why? Because I love how the straps give you the illusion that they wrap all around the platform. Plus I love the texture in the straps as well! And the best part is these sandals are only $38.07!

Fergie "Sanibel" Backzip Sandals in black nude (Casadei 6822 knockoffs)

Fergie “Sanibel” Backzip Sandalsamazon
($38.07, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at 6pmcj.

Fergie Loves Fergie Shoes

Fergie weraing black Fergie "Sanibel" Backzip Sandals

GUESS “Sabin” Satin Sandals

Another great alternative are these lovely satin heels by GUESS. You can get these in either black, leopard, grey and light pink satin.

GUESS "Sabin" Satin Sandals in black satin (Casadei 6822 knockoffs)

GUESS “Sabin” Satin Sandalsamazon
($98, Amazon)

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  • These shoes are gorgeous! I’ve been debating whether of not to buy these Gucci ones, but I think Fergie has convinced me!

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